Kentico 11 First Look

Kentico 11 First Look

Kentico 11 First Look

Kentico Roadshow that ended on 18th of November this year gave to its users loads of insights into Kentico’s plan for the future.

The most popular themes were Kentico 10 , the advance Kentico10  has made  over its predecessors (you can read more about Kentico 10 here), and Kentico Cloud, how Kentico will accelerate its growth.

Though the showstopper was the first look of Kentico 11.

Kentico has kept out doing itself by making CMS use and marketing simpler for its users.

Kentico 11 has prime focus on email marketing and an enhanced campaign management. 
To enhance its email marketing campaign Kentico 11 is provided with a built-in-widget-based email marketing feature. So, Kentico is essentially bringing in its own email marketing platform. This platform will supposedly have features similar to MailChimp and ConstantContact, but Kentico hopes to differentiate it with native integration with all the data that users have stored in the Kentico instance.
This comes in a boon where almost “200 billion emails are sent everyday , most of them with with marketing messages” – as stated by Kentico’s director of product, Karol Jarkovsky while he demonstrated the widget- based email builder built for Kentico 11.

Kentico 11 will also boast of an enhanced marketing campaign. With this tool in hand marketers will not only be able to keep a close eye on their social media’s referral traffic but will also be able to identify which posts are doing well and bringing in traffic. This brings in greater opportunity for marketers to plan out their views regarding what they should post and what their audience likes. This could be one of the most important strategic steps to make people aware of your company and product.


Other Features that will be included is the enhanced support for the HTML 5 input types. So now Kentico will provide support to create form controls utilizing new textmode types such as phone, email, number, datetime, URL and others.

Kentico 11 is scheduled to hit the market in November 2017 and we can’t wait to see what Kentico will bring with Kentico 12 in 2018.