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Software development is a high tech job that demands skill

Creating, managing and supporting ECM websites for small to fortune 500 companies

Angular JS

HTML is the the best structure to display static content onto a web page but it falters when we try to add dynamic views onto the web app.  AngularJs allows you to expand your normal HTML markup to use in built directives giving you greater control over your web app Dynamically. Moreover it can help create single page web application so you can give the user a feeling of a desktop like application while still maintaining deep linking.
The power  of AngularJs comes from the fact that it has dependency injection, in simpler terms you can add what you need and remove what you don’t quite easily.

Here at Zenesys we will help you make mobile application using Angularjs that are easy to use , maintain and can be customized whenever the need arises.

We can also help you integrate Angular Js into your working web applications so that easily extend your business as per your needs.

What We Do

We serve clients at every level of their organization and products.
For every engagement, we built a dedicated team with the most appropriate technology experience and expertise
User Mangement
Module Development
Security Enhancement
Social Market Development
Multilingual Support
Data Migration
Cloud Development

Our Services

Zenesys provides a host of services and we are always looking to help our clients. Get a free quote on any of our services!

CMS Development
Managing content and information has never been easier. We will help you through your content managing hassle
E-commerce Development
E-commerce is the next big thing. Millions of people now prefer to stay inside the comfort of their home to shop rather than go out visit the store directly.
Application Development
Build a application to leave a mark on the world wide web.
Mobile Development
Stay connected to your Users at every moment. Expand your business with your own Mobile app.

Agile Development

Outsourcing your work leaves you with no control over the process.
However, we feel that information exchange is the most important aspect of the development process.

Scrum Planning & Requirement Gathering

Discuss with the developers the next iteration. Build up your thoughts. The developers will help you understand the requirements.

Design & Development

Approve the design for the developers and sit back as they develop your product.

Quality Acceptance

The final product will go under recurrent testing to provide you with a product of assured quality.

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