Automation Anywhere Platform vs Other RPA tools

Automation Anywhere Platform

Automation Bots can be built easily without any specialized resources

RPA as per your requirement, be it small scale or enterprise scale (1-20,000 bots)

Real time analytics

Native Cognitive Automation for unstructured data

Ready to use RPA boots, just select your RPA from bot store and use it

24*7 Global Support

Other Tools

Specialized resources are required to setup and design RPA bots

Average 5-10 bots in production and less flexibility with the design of RPA

Lag and delays in analytics

Rely on external tools

Not Available

Limited Support

Automation Anywhere Products


RPA Platform

Automation Anywhere provides a unique RPA platform which can be customized according to your requirement.


IQ Bot

These types of bots can handle unstructured and unclear data, so the automation process can be automated from end to end.


Bot Insight

It is one of the most advanced RPA Analytics software, which gives real time operational insights and business analytics.


Bot Store

An online RPA shop from where you can buy bots according to your needs. So, whether you are looking to automate a task, a process or a part of it, ready to use bots from bot store have you covered.


RPA Mobile App

This mobile app allows you to access the RPA Dashboard from anywhere at any time. It allows you to control your bots, monitor their performance and access comprehensive ROI Dashboard.

Zenesys and Automation Anywhere

In Partnership with Automation Anywhere we can develop powerful digital workforce platform. With our expertise and Automation Anywhere platform we can build custom RPA Application according to your requirement. As Automation anywhere partner, we help you transform and d igitize your business.