Why choose Kentico CMS for your next project ?

Why choose Kentico CMS for your next project ?

You want to choose the best CMS for your website? It’s not an easy task as there are several CMS in the market to choose from. You need to take several factors in hand before selecting a CMS like its features, reviews, compatibility, marketing tools, usability, and several other factors.  

Your website is key to your business success and brand value, so choosing the right CMS is a very important decision. In today's world, your business online presence is the key to success. So, you might be wondering why Choose Kentico CMS and what makes it different from other Content Management systems. Here is the answer to your all questions......  

A brief history of Kentico  

2004-The company was founded by Peter Palas in Czech Republic.  

August 2004 - Kentico released its first CMS for ASP.NET version 1.0 . 

2006 - After success of version 1 released Kentico CMS 2.0 which enabled users and developers to build custom sites and portals through a web browser.

2008 - Kentico becomes Microsoft gold certified partner and open its new office in the United States.  

2010 - Kentico was named as the fastest growing technology company in the Czech Republic by Deloitte.  

2012 - Around 12000 websites in the world was running on Kentico.  

2013 - Partner Network: 1200, Websites:16000 and Countries:90.  

November 2013 - Kentico named as the best CMS in Penton Media’s Dev pro annual awards.  

2016 - Kentico CMS was featured in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrants report for both WCMS and Horizontal portals.  

2018 - Kentico released its latest version 12.0 in November, which is the most advanced and stable CMS in the market.  

Why you should choose Kentico?  

1.Kentico is secure  

Security is one of the top concerns of an organization. To ensure enhanced security Kentico provides a unique security model that allows you to configure granular access permissions for different pages and applications in the administration interface.   

Extended security systems such as regular server auditing services makes Kentico one of the most secure Content Management Systems in the world.  

2.Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies around the globe  

Kentico software is used by more than 15% of the Fortune 500 Companies like Delta, Honeywell, Hyundai, John Deere, Heineken, and Microsoft. This signifies the status of Kentico CMS in the world.  

3.All in one Digital Marketing tools  

From SEO to email marketing, Kentico offers end to end tools for marketing and promotion of your business. The features are easy to use and give an in-depth analysis of the marketing campaigns. Some of the few tools that are used for marketing are Integrated Campaign Management, Lead Scoring, A/B Testing, Marketing automation, etc.   

4.User-friendly and simple to use  

You don’t need to learn any programming languages or HTML to use the CMS. It is easy to understand and manage, so you don’t have to depend on software engineers to run your website.  

5.Customize as per your business needs   

Unlike most other CMS's, Kentico can be easily customizable according to your organization's needs. It provides organizations with personalized applications and you can also customize roles and permissions of your users. Personalization allows you to create pages that display custom and unique content depending on the situations in which they are viewed.  

6. New features and many improvements in Kentico –12  

Kentico 12 offers very good support for ASP .NET MVC, with a superior capability of integration with different components in the dynamic environment.  

• MVC Page Builder  
• MVC Widgets 
• MVC Form Builder  
• MVC Content Personalization   
• Smart Forms   
• E-commerce Business API  

7. Seamless Content Workflow Management  

A content creator can easily create and publish content with handy Kentico tools. Your employers can access, edit and manage content from mobile devices from anywhere at any time.  

From creating to publishing and revising to archiving Kentico allows the user to manage, track and approve content at each stage. Administrators can customize an approval process and nominate editors for specific projects.  

8.Mobile Friendly  

We are in 2019 and everyone owns a smartphone and majority traffic of websites comes from mobile devices, so your website should be should seamlessly run on mobile. Kentico CMS comes with inbuilt design capabilities, so you can create a dynamic website experience on any device. So, whether you are using a smartphone or tablet the website will be responsive to the device used, load instantly and provide an excellent customer experience.  


There are many Content management systems in the market to choose from. If you want your website or an e-commerce platform to be a success, the selection of the right CMS is very important. Kentico CMS offers the best tools, endless flexibility and secure platform so your business attracts more customers and you make the most of your CMS.  

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