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In this age of the Internet and Social media, digital marketing has become one of the most vital parts of a business. To compete in the market, you need to digitize your business and the best way to this is by using a CMS which comes with all in one digital marketing tool. 

Kentico is one of the oldest CMS in the world and for 15 years it is the leading provider of Content Management Systems. The Kentico CMS allows us to manage, edit and modify the content with ease, so it is a robust, flexible and modern CMS.  There are many reasons to choose Kentico CMS for your business, some are listed below 

1.It provides A-Z digital marketing tools  

2.It is user friendly and can be easily used without any prior technical knowledge. 

3.The website on Kentico CMS is fully responsive to the device, so whether it is mobile, laptop or tablet the content will optimize accordingly. 

4.Trusted by more than 15 % of the Fortune 500 companies. 

5.Complete E-commerce features 

why digital marketing is important for your business?

In simple terms, digital marketing is making online presence through various digital tools/services. There are different channels to promote your business-like email, social media, search engines and websites.  


The number of people using the internet is increasing day by day and thus more and more people are accessing services online. So, your customers are online, and they are looking for a business like yours. But if they are not able to find your business or your online presence is weak then every day you will lose a potential customer. 


When a customer wants to some service online then first thing, they will do is start searching through search engines like Google, Bing, etc. If your competitor ranks above, you in search engines then the customer might take services from your competitor as your website is not easily accessible to them. So you need to design a digital marketing strategy to rank higher than your competitors. 


Your online business can run for 7 days a week 24 hrs. and you just need to let the customer come to you. There can be various ways like placing online ads, social media sharing, SEM, etc. You can cater to the global market just by sitting in the comfort of your home.  


There are a lot of tools by which you will able to determine your target audience. You can also run surveys via Kentico CMS and analyze the response. Thus, you will be able to everything about your audience. 


You need to pay attention to the online market and see what your competitors are doing. Learn from your competitors and make a strategy to beat them in this online race.  

kentico online digital marketing tools



Kentico CMS has all in one marketing tools. Following are few digital marketing solutions provided by Kentico 

  1. Website content management  
  2. Tracking and analyzing the marketing campaigns 
  3. Identifying hot leads and easy contact management. 
  4. Email marketing campaigns 
  5. Website analytics 
  6. Automating post on social media platforms  
  7. Mobile Marketing 


Email Marketing is a way of promoting your business by sending emails to prospective customers. It is regarded as the best and easiest way to reach your potential clients. Kentico CMS comes with advanced email marketing tools. 

Following are the features of Email Marketing Platform  

Design and Build your Emails 

You can easily create creative email templates with drag and drop functionality. You can also preview your email code and design custom widgets. 

Analytics and Tracking 

You can analyze the success of your marketing campaigns by examining various parameters like opening rate, click rate, etc. You can also visualize who opened your email at what time/day. 

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Email Campaigns and Newsletters 

You can run different email campaigns with ease of contact management. A Custom recipient list can be created for a marketing campaign. Same as email campaigns, newsletters can be sent to the audience via Kentico CMS platform 


By this, you can deliver targeted and relevant content to your audience based on their interests. By tailoring recommendations to customers, you can increase the quality of the leads and run efficient marketing campaigns. 

You can analyze the leads in the following ways 

  1. Demographics 

  1. Behavior 

  1. Customer insights 

In Kentico, the marketers can customize and change the rules for personalization according to their requirements. 


It is a method of comparing two web pages, campaigns, keywords, etc. against each other to establish which one performs better. Kentico CMS has complete A/B testing options to help you identify the better version. 

You don’t need any prior technical knowledge to perform A/B testing in Kentico because it allows you to easily run test and provides a complete analysis. You can also visualize the test in real-time in Kentico A/B testing. 


There is no other CMS like Kentico which provides complete integrated campaign management system. Following are the few features of campaign management  

  1. Scheduling your campaign and live optimization. So, you can target the audience all around the world and get quick insights. 

  1. Track your campaigns and get information about customer actions and user behavior 

  1. Get an overall campaign overview and determine the conversion rate of each campaign. 

  1. Execute marketing campaigns by assigning landing pages and tracking them. 


Without writing any code the marketers can create and publish online forms and surveys. The forms can be published via WYSIWYG editor and records submitted can be exported to Excel file. In the same way you can add a survey and publish it. 


In Kentico CMS you can assign different roles to the marketers and anyone can analyze which person edited the content and what time. In this way, the workflow is systemized, and only relevant pages can be edited by the marketers. 


The internet is making our world smaller and globalization is increasing day by day. Now with Kentico, your content can be translated to many international languages so you can reach customers worldwide. 

According to the location of the customer, the optimized content will be displayed accordingly. The best thing is you can create your translation and change the wording according to your needs. 


Create your online store and with an integrated third-party payment gateways, CRMs and custom design solutions. Following are the top features of the E-commerce platform provided by Kentico 

Customize Checkout Process 

You can create a checkout process by simply using default web parts and provides a single checkout page process designed for your business. 

Applying discount and promotions 

Kentico has a complete solution to manage your discounts and promotion to attract more customers and offer special offers/discounts. Customers can also add coupon code and at the checkout process, the deducted amount will be shown. 

Product Variants 

The customers can customize the type of product they want to buy by size, color, material, quantity, etc. This gives more options and flexibility to customers. 


SEO is one of the best ways to improve your website ranking and visibility on search engines. If you rank poorly on Google or Bing then your customers won’t be able to find you easily. 

By Kentico you can create SEO friendly content on your website. You can edit the meta-data of your pages and customize the URLs of the pages. Kentico automatically creates an XML list of URLs for your website in line with Google Sitemap format.

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Digital Marketing has become one of the main components of most of the businesses around the world. More and more customers are going online to buy products and services, to remain at the top of your market you need to incorporate the best online marketing platform. Kentico CMS has all the features you need to digitize your business. The all in one marketing platform is here, so what you are waiting for try Kentico CMS now.