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Kentico Software, makers of an all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform, had launched Kentico 10 in November 2016. 
The new upgrade to the company’s Flagship product features functional improvements that are hard to ignore. It could be called the company’s most enterprise-ready solution to date with digital marketing jobs being done faster and more efficiently.

🡆 So, What’s New In Kentico 10?


The most eye-catching feature seems to be the Responsive Images Management, that will be the center of superior customer experience. With the content being delivered through multiple channels including phones, tablets and many different mobile devices the need for images to be rendered in different resolutions, color profiles, layouts and viewports has come up. Making just some initial setup in terms of Responsive Image Management, Kentico 10 provides you with automatic adjustment of images for different devices. 

In addition of this the Campaign Management seems to be improved with marketers gaining more control over all marketing campaigns. Kentico has done a lot of research over the various years to look into the way digital marketers use the Kentico 10 CMS to manage their campaigns and making it more agile was one step to increase the productivity of the system.


Here is where Kentico has really increased it features. With Kentico 10, marketing campaigners and Developers will notice a dramatic increase of up to 50% in terms of page load and response time in the Kentico environment. Putting it lightly, this means that users will get more jobs done in less time. The development of marketing campaigns will be faster and so will be the deployment of websites.

Kentico 10 features a tenfold improvement in scalability, supporting over 100 million contacts and over 1 billion marketing activities. Along with this the built-in web-farm support makes Kentico a good choice for any medium to large scale company. 

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Kentico 8 and 9 had integration of ASP.Net Model View Controller (MVC) controls into their systems but the true implementation of this framework can be seen in Kentico 10. Kentico 10 boasts of MVC integration through all its features and projects. So projects like Ecommerce and Online Marketing that had MVC integration to some limit now have a total separation of concerns with the integration of MVC into the System. 
Using the REST API with Kentico 10 can now lead to content delivery through various content delivery channels and will not be limited to the traditional delivery systems. This just means developers will find it easier to deliver content to different areas be it native mobile apps, or by smart devices and machines.

All developers will agree that Continuous Integration has been one of Kentico’s most desirable features allowing developers to work on different instance of development.  Well the good news is it’s still a part of Kentico. The better news would be now Continuous integration is fully deployed and Fully supports all object Types in Kentico 10. So, developers can quickly and easily move objects between environments. 

So that was it for Kentico 10’s upgrade. To catch more of what is there in Kentico 10 please visit Kentico’s website. Zenesys is a Kentico partner and works seamlessly with Kentico products extending them and making custom web parts just for your needs. To know more about our Kentico development feel free to Contact Us.