What is Blazor?

Blazor is an open-source framework for building client-side web applications using C# and HTML. This technology is developed by Microsoft and the name comes from a combination of two words Browser and Razor. Blazor runs on most of the modern web and mobile browsers.

Blazor mainly has four hosting models. Currently only Blazor server and Blazor Web Assembly have been released.

Blazor Server

Blazor Server apps host Blazor components on the server and handle UI interactions over a real-time SignalR connection. The user interacts with the app, the UI events are sent to the server over the connection to be handled by the varied components that structure the app.

When a component handles a UI event, it’s rendered supported its updated state. Blazor compares the newly rendered output with what was rendered previously and send the changes back to the browser and applies them to the DOM.

Blazor Server

Blazor Web Assembly

Blazor Web Assembly apps host components within the browser employing a Web Assembly-based .NET runtime. The components handle UI events and execute their rendering logic directly within the browser.

Blazor Web Assembly apps use only open web standards to run .NET code client-side, without the necessity for any browser plugins or code transpiration. a bit like with Blazor Server apps, the Blazor framework handles comparing the newly rendered output with what was rendered previous and updates the DOM accordingly, but with Blazor Web Assembly the UI rendering is handled client-side.

Blazor Web Assembly

Blazor PWAs

PWAs are web apps that leverage the newest web standards to incorporate a more native-like experience. PWAs can support offline scenarios, push notifications, and OS integrations, like support for pinning the app to your home screen or the Windows Start menu

Blazor PWAs

Blazor Native

A Blazor Native app runs natively on the devices and uses a similar UI abstraction to render native controls for that device. this is often very almost like how frameworks like Xamarin Forms or React Native work today.

Blazor Native

Blazor Hybrid

Hybrid apps, like native apps run on multiple platforms and use web technologies (CSS, HTML, JavaScript). Hybrid Blazor apps don’t use Web Assembly but use native platforms like Xamarin or. NetCore

Blazor Hybrid

Blazor Features


Components in Blazor consist of C# for dynamic rendering logic and HTML for designing functionality-rich user interfaces. These are flexible and lightweight components of the blazer and can be employed again to build similar applications.


It is a predominant feature of blazer that enables routing with the help of a client-side server. The pattern matching process detects all the requests, then process them and regulate the requests.


With Blazor developers can easily call JavaScript functions from .NET methods and vice-versa. So, you can utilize JavaScript to build some parts of web applications.


Developers can use Dependency injection to insert services into Blazor to execute dynamic operations or carry out unit testing by incorporating mockup services.


As a part of MVC Framework Blazor support Forms and Validations by utilizing Data Annotations in its client-side router. So, it is quite easy to validate forms on Blazor.


Web Applications developed on Blazor are stateful and allows to save the user’s state in the server’s memory. 


Debugging supports is offered in Blazor Web Assembly applications by employing browser dev tools in Chromium-based browsers.


Using the bind attributes you can easily bind components and DOM in Blazor. Blazor offers various types of binding; one way, two way, and event data binding.

Why Choose Blazor

Let’s understand why you may choose Blazor for web development.

  • It allows Full .NET debugging.
  • Share code both Server-Side and Client-Side.
  • Compatible with old browsers.
  • Server-Side Rendering.
  • No need of browser plugins.
  • Incorporates latest web features.
  • Model for building feature rich UI.
  • Swift and Efficient Build Time.

Our Blazor Web Development Services

We create tailor-made custom Blazor web applications to meet your business needs. With the help of our experience C# developers, we deliver interactive and customized Blazor applications to our clients.

Blazor Application Development
Blazor App Development

We develop dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly web applications for your business. Our experts will help you evaluate on-demand web applications for a wide range of industries.

Blazor Application Development
Blazor Migration

We offer seamless migration of JavaScript websites and applications to Blazor without disrupting the website or application functionality. We specialize in delivering smooth and safe migration of your application.

Blazor Application Development
Blazor Integration

Integrate your existing web application with the Blazor framework and enhance the performance of your website. We develop custom web applications that are fully integrated with Blazor.

Blazor Application Development
Hire Blazor Developers

Hire a dedicated team of Blazor Developers from Zenesys for custom development of Blazor web applications. Hire developers according to your business requirements.

Our Blazor Development Process

Blazor development planning


Discovery - Site Plan and Specifications

Blazor software design


Information Architecture – Content, Photos and Videos

Blazor software design


Web and UI Design – Outline of the website

Blazor Development


Website Development - Visual look of website

Blazor Testing & Deployment


Testing and Deployment - Fine tune site

Blazor Website


Launch – Site made live to public.



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