Top 15 Angularjs Development Companies That You Should Know In 2022

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AngularJS Development Companies
Do you want to leverage the AngularJS web framework to create dynamic applications and websites for your business? 

Undoubtedly, AngularJS is one of the most widely used frameworks nowadays, with leading IT businesses all around the world using it and harnessing its advantages. 

But the herculean task comes when selecting the best AngularJS development company for your project. Because if you select the wrong one, all your time and money goes in vain. 
Therefore, you need to research and analyze some parameters, including technical experience, client feedback, diversified portfolio, online reviews and ratings, pricing options, and employee strength, before investing in any AngularJS web development company. 

Without further ado, let's deep dive into the AngularJS companies and find out the best one for your project. 

1.Angular Minds

Angular Minds is an enterprise AngularJS development company founded in 2011 to provide end-to-end AngularJS solutions to companies worldwide. It can deliver the best solutions for Ionic and cross-platform mobile apps. It has produced many cutting-edge online applications using frontend technologies such as AngularJS and Node.js.  

The organization provides optimized app development solutions with the support of well-experienced Angular developers. Its developers are driven by a desire to create great web, mobile, and cloud solutions for clients all over the world, adopting next-generation technologies that may satisfy customers' expectations while following the latest trends.  

Several offices have already been established, and the workforce has grown from 50 to 100 workers. The team provides cutting-edge services in the fields of cross-platform AngularJS development, quality control and product testing, and custom application design. 


• Single Page Application (SPA) Development 

• AngularJS QA and Testing,  

• App Design & Development 

• AngularJS Cross-Platform Development

2. Zenesys

Zenesys is a world-class AngularJS web development company established in 2011 that offers top-notch services for app and web development. If you are searching for talented AngularJS developers that can provide you with best-in-class and feature-rich frontend Angular.JS development solutions, Zenesys is your one-stop solution.  

They have a large pool of Angular developers who are skilled and experienced in all angular versions, allowing your business to develop a high-quality app solution for any business or industry niche.  

Their development team is always up to date on the most cutting-edge tools and technology. Zenesys provides clients with regular reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, depending on their specific needs and demands. They are able to produce fast, efficient, and quality-tested work following all the standards and regulations.  

Zenesys industry focuses on retail and E-commerce, Banking and Finance, Education, Travel and Tourism, Real estate, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and logistics. They have leveraged the features of the Angular framework, including Binding MVC, Routing, Deep linking, Controller, Dependency injections, unit testing, etc., to offer the best-in-class Angular solutions. 


• Single-page app development 

• Custom Angular JS development  

• AngularJS Frontend development  

• AngularJS web development  

• AngularJS support and maintenance 

• AngularJS migration and upgradation

• Widget development  

• Plugin development  

• Version update, migration, and reengineering 


It is one of the leading AngularJS development companies founded in 2013 to provide robust and dynamic apps to customers globally. Its skilled and professional Angular developers can fulfill the promises of expertise, quality, and intellectual capital by creating apps that suit the client's requirements. It excels at providing entire web and mobile application development services.  They offer services by catering to most of the industry's diverse niches and can offer SEO-friendly and high-quality web applications that efficiently deliver the high-end user experience. 


• Single-page applications (SPA) 

• Real-time application development 

• Web & mobile application 

• AngularJS consulting 

4. Brainvire Technologies 

It is a well-known Angular web app development company and has established a strong online reputation that develops a solid foundation for software development processes, particularly web application development utilizing Angular. It has a customer-centric approach to delivering high-quality products and services. They assist their clients by supplying creative business ideas and the finest project solutions. Some of the industries they focus on are e-Learning, entertainment & media, tourism & travel, the finance & banking industry, healthcare, and online retail store. 


• AngularJS development consulting 

• AngularJS API development  

• AngularJS migration solutions  

• AngularJS e-Commerce app development  

• Custom AngularJS development  

• Interactive and social apps 

5. Mobiweb Technologies 

It is a top AngularJS mobile app development company that provides high-quality services for creating stunning and aesthetic mobile and web applications utilizing the AngularJs framework. They have a talented team of developers who have built numerous Angularjs-based web applications. According to the customer's needs and demands, they build responsive websites, online e-commerce stores, etc. Their development team is continually updated on the current tools and technologies that enable real-time web apps with interactive and dynamic features. 


• Dynamic web application development  

• Custom AngularJS development  

• AngularJS support and maintenance  

• Angular upgrade services 

• Application migration services  

• Custom widgets development 

6. Indianic 

It is a prominent Angular development company established in 1998 that specializes in creating powerful AngularJS solutions for businesses with complex frontend requirements. IndiaNic provides all-encompassing solutions for all of its services while efficiently deploying complicated tasks in an enterprise-level environment. Their Angular developers help enterprises get the required control and scalability with application development services, leveraging their intuitive frontend development knowledge and experience.  


• Customer AngularJS development 

• Hybrid apps  

• API/ backend development  

• UI/UX design 

• Version migration 

• Support and maintenance 

7. Codiant

Codiant is a custom Angular.JS development company formed in 2010 that helps a wide spectrum of businesses deliver high-end angular-powered solutions worldwide. It offers tailored solutions for web and mobile application development services, ensuring that clients get everything on one platform. Its web development projects produce highly expressive user interfaces, and responsive SPAs leverage the clean and readable coding standards. 


• AngularJS app design &development  

• Single-page applications  

• AngularJS web development  

• AngularJS version migration  

• AngularJS Framework plugin development  

• AngularJS QA & testing 

8. Mindinventory

 It is one of the prominent AngularJS development companies leveraging recent technologies to offer intuitive web applications for businesses. The company has a highly committed, hands-on experienced, tech-savvy, and professional team that will ensure that your project delivers on time with high-quality and robust apps. 


• Web app development  

• Single-page applications  

• Plugin development  

• Version migration  

• Widget development  

• QA & testing 

9. Konstant Infosolutions 

It is one of the top-rated AngularJS development companies delivering cutting-edge, smooth AngularJS mobile app development services using streamlined methods and efficient methodologies. They create high-end web apps leveraging AngularJS’s tremendous flexibility, allowing them to create single-page and large-scale websites. They have up-to-date resources and innovative tools, allowing them to provide AngularJS development solutions and services with reliability, flexibility, and ease. 


• Development and consultant  

• Enterprise development  

• Custom solution  

• E-Commerce development  

• HTML5 app solutions  

• Maintenance support 

10. Hyperlink Infosystem 

It is the top Angular.JS web development Company delivering high-quality applications to clients concerning business needs. They have highly skilled AngularJS developers to build top-notch business apps. They create the sorted and iterative solutions for web and mobile with faster deployments. Their team of professionals has in-depth knowledge and significant experience developing dynamic apps using cutting-edge technology, and they know how to leverage AngularJS to its full potential. 


• AngularJS Web Development 

• AngularJS Mobile App Development 

• AngularJS Frontend Development 

• AngularJS App Development 

• AngularJS UI/UX Development 

• AngularJS Consulting Services

11. Algoworks

 It is one of the top-in-class companies using Angular.JS aims and was established in 2006. It makes use of all of AngularJS's amazing features in order to make the applications more agile and dynamic. Its Angular developers are well-versed in the most up-to-date web technologies and frameworks. Furthermore, its transparent business practices ensure that each project is completed on time and within budget. They build Angular.JS apps with flexibility, efficiency, and speed, bringing an efficient user experience. 


• Web app development 

• Interactive UI development 

• Plug-ins development

12. Appnovation 

It offers AngularJS development services specializing in designing cutting-edge and feature-rich applications known for their great performance, scalability, and security. Their AngularJS developers are capable of developing a wide range of mobile, web, and cross-platform applications. Appnovation is a profound Angular.JS web development company that makes it simple to create an excellent one-stop solution with comprehensive rich features. 


• Web app development  

• Angular.JS design 

• Angular.JS support  

• Angular.JS Consulting  

• Angular.JS maintenance 

• Angular.JS custom solutions 

13. Suntec India 

It is one of the best AngularJS development companies offering end-to-end AngularJS development services, such as cross-platform development, plugin development, custom development, and dynamic mobile app development. The organization has a huge staff of AngularJS engineers with over two decades of experience. They use a streamlined method to design dynamic, interactive, and scalable mobile applications and web solutions tailored to your needs. They have harnessed the advantages of Angular.JS with intuitive built-in features, allowing you to create mobile-friendly solutions quickly. 


• Custom Angular.JS web development services  

• Dynamic Angular.JS mobile app development services  

• Widget development  

• Plugin development  

• Version update, migration, and reengineering 

14. ARKA Softwares

They provide end-to-end AngularJS development services to meet all of your web development needs of their customers. They create apps for most platforms, from music apps to video streaming apps, e-commerce applications, and service portals. Their team of highly trained AngularJS Development professionals can cater to your organization's individual needs, whether a custom widget, a learning platform or an interactive dashboard. Arka Softwares, a prominent Angular web development company, comprises skilled developers who are well-versed in this framework. As a result, they are able to successfully merge its most complicated features into single-page client apps, making them more user-friendly and engaging. 


• AngularJS mobile app development  

• AngularJS web development 

• AngularJS hybrid app development 

• Custom AngularJS development  

• AngularJS to angular migration

15. Hidden Brains 

A leading Angular development company provides web application development services that are engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly, with quality code compliance and on-time delivery. They provide high-performance AngularJS application development services by utilizing the most up-to-date technologies and tools to ensure seamless development workflows and applications. With Hidden Brains exceptional AngularJS development services, you can create flexible, robust, and dynamic web and mobile applications that help you achieve your business goals and differentiate yourself with well-configured Angular web development services. 


• Dynamic web application development services  

• Custom angular development services  

• Angular app support and Maintenance services  

• Custom widgets development services  

• Angular application migration services  

• Angular version upgrade services 


Finally, we've compiled the finest list of angular web development companies with whom you can collaborate in 2022. Before choosing the best company for building your web application, don't forget to research and pick the right company to help you effectively fulfill your business goals. 

If you are confused about which company to choose for AngularJs web development, connect with Zenesys for more details.