How To Create A Review Website Like Yelp?

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Create A Review Website Like Yelp
 Want to know how to create a review website like Yelp? 

It is one of the great markets that keeps evolving at a breakneck speed, and people prefer to buy the product after reviewing it online. 

From discovering restaurants to luxury brands, customers tend to search everything online. 

According to Bright Local, 79% of online buyers trust online reviews. 

Certainly, the conventional buying system has been transformed, and people are swiftly shifting towards buying products online rather than from a physical store. It shows that the scope of starting a review website is an indigenous decision. 

If you are interested to know how to build a review website, keep reading! 

What Is Yelp?

Yelp is an American company launched in 2004 by formal PayPal employees and has more than 142 million users. The app assists users in locating local businesses among different business categories, including hotels, shops, or pizzas, based on the evaluations and ratings of other users. 

Yelp utilizes geolocation to display a list of nearby businesses. Users can leverage the filter feature to narrow the search results or define a certain business category such as cafes, stores, and markets. While leveraging the app, the search results can be sorted by rating pricing and distance.  

Yelp display the company's address, operating hours, customer reviews, and phone number. Visitors can submit their feedback by giving reviews and comments about the business if they have registered in the app. 

Before looking at how to build a review website, let's explore its features. 

Key Features of the Yelp Website 

Yelp offers many features, but if you know what you want for your website, you can exclude the unnecessary features, which in turn can help bring down the overall cost. 


This feature allows to list local businesses according to the locality and direct them on the map. 


You can structure your business into many categories and divisions leveraging this feature. 


An intuitive benefit of sorting and filtering allows businesses to sort and filter them based on their geographic area, price range, and bespoke features such as delivery service, outdoor sitting, or making reservations. 


It acts as a catalyst to accelerate business growth. It provides the option to the users to post reviews and add images and star ratings. 


Businesses can host events by posting them on the website, and users can reserve their seats and purchase even tickets. 


What would be better to get a community where you can communicate with your fellows and ask for help? Yes, Yelp Talk allows you to communicate with other Yelpers. Isn't great? 


The review post by the users can itself be reviewed, and the reviewers can have the chance to get the elite status based on how they are actively participated in helping others. 


Unique login is given to the business owners so they can access their listings and add their services. 


It also allows paid business listings which can clearly be identified as Yelp Ads. 


Yelp allows iOS and Android users to leverage their websites through a mobile app


Users can also log in with the help of their Google and Facebook accounts. 

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What Is A Review Website?

A review website is a simplistic and uncomplicated website that offers reviews of products, services, and goods specifically utilized by the wider public. 

Certainly, the product and services list keeps on expanding. A new gadget, app launch, or mobile phone is often launched. It allows users to review and share their thoughts on the review website. 

The primary benefit of a review website is that it has massive potential to earn passive income. Glassdoor, Advisor, and Yelp are typical examples of review websites. 

Benefits of Developing a Review Website 

Making a review website has many benefits just beyond financial gain. The benefits of setting up a review website 

1. To know how to build a review website is not a cumbersome task, and even you don't need rocket science to build the perfect one. 

2. The best part of having a review website is that you can review new products as quickly as they are introduced to the market. Once you have a sizeable audience, you can directly contact product businesses and ask them to get the review copies of the latest products. 

3. Review websites have the potential to attract a good audience base. 

Evaluated Cost & Development Time Estimation to Make a Website Like Yelp

Here is the list of the estimated cost and development time to make a website like Yelp. 




Estimated Development Time

Estimated Cost


Social Sign in

30-40 hrs



Push Notifications

80-100 hrs



Geo Location

70-100 hrs



Uploading Pictures

80-160 hrs



Review & Rating

80-160 hrs



Filter Integration

300+ hrs



Filter by Category

40-60 hrs




200-250 hrs



User Profile

300-400 hrs



In-app Purchases

120-160 hrs



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How Can You Make A Website Like Yelp?

Following are the steps to make a review website that reflects the clone of Yelp. 


CMS platform has the ability to make things simple for the development of review websites. When any challenges arise with the responsive design can be resolved with a solid CMS.  

 If you are confused about which CMS platform you can use, one option is WordPress, as it allows a simple and easy integration of themes and plugins while adding new pages with images and content. 


A proper domain name is required for web hosting when creating a website. You also need web hosting to save all of your data on your website and allow users to access it around the clock. 

 A web address or domain is essential to reach your website. Let's say if anyone wants to reach your home and doesn't have the address, how would they reach there? Similarly, your web address is like your home address to which your users digitally reach your website. 


ListingPro has sophisticated features to make a website like Yelp, including safe payment, automatic location finder, usage ability to add a new list, and filter usage. Features such as near me, multilingual functionality, WhatsApp call, flag, and reporting have also been introduced. 


Once you are done with developing your website, it's time to emphasize your business, and here comes the promotion and branding. It is crucial that you should also focus on website maintenance in addition to making money. To make this happen, you should focus on the following steps: advertising, using social media, keeping blogs updated to enhance visit reviews, regular updating of outdated listings, and SEO. 

Let's Build a Website Like Yelp

Certainly, in the digital era, everything is available at your fingertips which helps you to share your experience hassle-free. Therefore, online directories like Yelp will keep on booming in the near future. 

You may consider building a review website like Yelp to expand your user base and flourish your business. If you are looking for a professional team, hire web developers from Zenesys who help them create a review website with fast project implementation.