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We use Automation Anywhere to develop a powerful digital workforce platform for you. With our RPA expertise in Automation Anywhere, we can build custom RPA Applications​ to transform and digitize your business and automate your processes.

1. Automation Anywhere Development

We develop custom Automation Anywhere bots as per your business requirements. Zenesys provide complete bot development solution including Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment and maintenance.


2. Automation Anywhere Implementation

Our RPA experts are well versed with custom implementation to build a bot as per the design. We go a step beyond RPA to implement cognitive automation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


3. Automation Anywhere Consulting

Zenesys has a team of certified RPA developers aiming at custom RPA bots through effective planning, execution, and management with our customer’s best interests and business goals in mind.


4. Automation Anywhere Support and Maintenance

Our experts ensure that Automation Anywhere RPA bots are reliable, upgraded and run smoothly. Our services include Quality Assessment, Bug Fixing, Bot Upgrade, Bot Optimization and Software Support.


Automation Anywhere


AARI or Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface is an easy-to-use RPA platform to implement and incorporate RPA applications and bots. AARI is a unique RPA platform that can be customized according to your requirement. AARI can be connected to multiple interfaces like a web browser, desktop, mobile apps, and applications like Salesforce, Excel, G Suite, etc.


IQ bots use cognitive capabilities like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract structured and semi-structured data. These types of bots can handle unstructured and unclear data so, the automation process can be automated from end to end. IQ bots can digitize your business process by automatically classify, extract and validate data. The process mainly has four-part Pre-Processing, Classification, Extraction, and Post-Processing.


It is one of the most advanced RPA Analytics software, which gives real-time operational insights and business analytics. Bot Insight captures data from various sources and provides valuable real-time insights and in-depth details of your business operations. It is the only RPA analytics platform that provides data for operational as well as business operations.


It is an online RPA shop from where you can purchase bots according to your requirements. Whether you are looking to automate a task, a process, or a part of it, ready to use bots from bot store have you covered. It also has some specialized bots like Zendesk bot, Salesforce bot, and SAP bot. Just Purchase bot a per your requirement and automate your repetitive and high-volume tasks.


Discovery bot is a unique tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify repetitive and high-volume tasks and create bots for them. Discovery bots first record user activities and the business processes then find repetitive tasks and finally transform tasks into bots.


Automation Anywhere provides a free-to-use version of its RPA platform and products. Developers can enhance their skills by using the advanced RPA development environment. This edition has various features IQ bot, Bot Insight, Discovery Bot, RPA platform, and AARI. Automation Anywhere gives an incredible opportunity to students, professionals and software developers to build bots and learn RPA Technology.

Enterprise RPA Platform

Automation Anywhere provides a dedicated RPA platform for business enterprises to empower their digital workforce. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface to ensure speedy adoption and swift deployment of RPA bots.


High Performance









Advantages of Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform

Increase Productivity

Most of the RPA bots are aimed at specific tasks and thus achieve high efficiency in business processes. So, boost your business operations with process automation.

Cost Effective

In the long term, robots can cut operational costs by 25-50%. By using the Enterprise RPA platform, you can recover the cost within a short period.

Improved Analytics

This RPA platform provides accurate and error-free data from various sources, which can be used for analytical purposes.

Enhance Customer Service

RPA bots can work 24/7 for 365 days without any human interference. Improve customer satisfaction by handing over customer service operations to bots.

Empower Workforce

Let employees do meaningful and worthy jobs and hand over repetitive, high volume, and dull tasks to robots.

Accuracy and Quality

Robots are reliable, efficient, and work tirelessly. Robots improve the output quality and provide results with 100% accuracy.

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