About Client

BIG B Car Accessories is a leading global automotive company, specializes in manufacturing high-performance vehicles renowned for their innovation, safety, and sustainability. With a commitment to excellence, the company serves millions of customers worldwide, delivering cutting-edge automotive solutions.

Project background

The client needs an online customer ordering system that includes effortless login and registration for users. The system should offer a variety of product categories for customers to choose from. It must support both secure online and offline payment options for purchases. Additionally, the solution should provide a seamless search functionality for users to find desired products easily.

Business Problem

  • Inefficiencies in supply chain management leading to increased operational costs.
  • Difficulty in maintaining real-time inventory levels across multiple locations.
  • The need for a robust digital platform to support global sales and distribution.

Business Objective

Develop a comprehensive digital platform to manage inventory and sales.

Improve supply chain efficiency through automation and real-time tracking.

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing seamless access to products and services.

Giving the everyone a smooth and user-friendly experience

Key Features

  • Customers can select from a variety of categories.
  • The solution ensures a seamless checkout experience for customers.
  • Admins can track and extract supplier and customer data in real time with this solution.
  • Customers can generate invoices for their purchases using their registered accounts.
  • Customers can pay for their purchases using COD or online payment methods.

Key Challenges

Key challenges included integrating new technologies with existing legacy systems, ensuring real-time data accuracy across multiple global locations, managing the transition without disrupting ongoing operations, and training employees on new systems and processes.

Zenesys Solutions

We provided the client with a solution that enables efficient management and control of customer orders and deliveries. Suppliers and customers have access to a wide selection of manufacturers and brands. Our solution includes robust features for updating user profiles and seamless login. Customers can search for car accessories and replacement parts anytime, anywhere.

The solution features a user-friendly and secure payment gateway, ensuring hassle-free transactions. Customers can view their purchase history and obtain invoices through the service. Clients can join community groups for quick assistance, and the organization offers expert advice to customers. The client can track inventories, suppliers, and customers, while also accessing real-time data. Overall, customers are ensured a satisfying shopping experience.


Our tailored solution aims to help clients meet their needs effectively. It is adaptable to their requirements and compatible with their working environment. Thanks to our technical expertise and management professionals, we successfully completed this project on schedule. Our team has supported clients in achieving their strategic goals, enhancing their efficiency, and delivering excellent services to their customers.