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Automation Anywhere is amongst the largest robotic process automation vendors in the world. If you haven’t already heard, numerous companies have started to leverage the power of RPA to automate their monotonous tasks. This form of automation is used by top companies to expand their intelligent digital workforces. 

According to Gartner’s report, numerous companies will fuse hyper-automation technologies with monotonous operations to reduce operational costs by almost 30%. Taking this into consideration, companies have started to employ a multitude of RPA Automation Anywhere strategies. In this article, we will be discussing Automation Anywhere Complete Guide for 2022.

The Essence Of Robotic Process Automation In Today’s Corporate World

Robotic Process Automation is the process of using robots to automate commercial processes without requiring human participation. RPA allows software users to develop bots or software bots that can learn, mimic, and then execute business processes based on rules. These processes are not performed by actual physical robots; nonetheless, the technologies available on the RPA market can assist you in doing these tasks. 

Taking this into consideration, process automation tools provide a variety of automation features. According to AIIM 2020's research, the top three Robotic Process Automation process goals are logistics (34%), HR (29%), and finance (28%). Robotic Process Automation has been extended to cross-company activities such as finance and accounting, human resources, and logistics in recent years, and has become the norm across a variety of industries. 

How To Install Automation Anywhere To Get Started With RPA?

Automation Anywhere incorporates two packages: the Cloud beginning pack and the Advanced pack. The Cloud Starter Pack is designed for start-ups and small organizations that don’t execute a multitude of day-to-day operations. On the other hand, the Advanced Pack is designed for medium to large corporations. What’s more? Automation Anywhere offers a 30-day trial edition as well.

In this section, we will walk you through the installation of the Automation Anywhere free trial in a step-by-step manner. 

●    To begin, go to Automation Anywhere official website and click on the ‘Start Free Trial’ option. 

●    Then, to acquire your free trial edition, you must fill out a form with your correct details.

●    After you enter your information and tap on ‘Start Free Trial’, a message will pop up on your email. 

●    Browse through your registered email address, Automation Anywhere must have shared 2 emails. 

●    In these emails, you will be provided instructions regarding downloading the installer and logging in. 

●    Once done, it is time to set up IQ Bots and Robotic Process Automation. You can do so by entering your username and password on the IQ Bot Login Page. You must have received the same in your email. 

Now that you have understood this, let’s shed some light on the benefits of Automation Anywhere, a primary reason behind the RPA vendor’s popularity.  

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Benefits of Employing Automation Anywhere RPA

Automation Anywhere offers companies a multitude of automation features that enables the workforce to complete monotonous tasks with minimum effort. This way, you will have sufficient time to dedicate your efforts towards other productive tasks. Listed below are some additional benefits provided by Automation Anywhere process automation tools.


Several applications and automation platforms are incompatible. However, Automation Anywhere incorporates Native RPA, intelligent document processing, and business and operational analytics. Therefore, it is a leading automation platform in the market and can be seen giving other robotic process automation vendors tough competition.




Companies can get started right away with a cloud-native and web-based solution. Automation Anywhere also offers an intuitive interface designed for businesses, IT professionals, and developers. Moreover, companies can adapt to Robotic Process Automation Anywhere Instantly due to a lack of installation and automation updates.


Organizations are provided with an ability to scale quickly, using a business-friendly methodology that aids in the expansion of Robotic Process Automation implementation across the company. 


Customers benefit from low TCO due to cost-effective licensing, and low deployment costs. The fact that Automation Anywhere has a web-based, cloud-native, and easy-to-use interface for developers is another major benefit. 


For all customers at all phases of their RPA journeys, Automation Anywhere delivers qualified customer service managers (CSMs) and 24/7 global assistance. In case you want to connect with their customer care, you can find the details on their authentic website. 


Automation Anywhere offers out-of-the-box interfaces with enterprise systems like SAP and Oracle. This also includes productivity packs that run bots directly from Excel and Salesforce, thanks to its wide community of partners.

Applications for Automation Anywhere in 2022

 The following are the main industries that use RPA Automation Anywhere:

●    Business industries: Automation in outsourcing industries improves performance, boosts efficiency, and lowers operational costs.

●    Financial Services: Automation aids in the financial industry's efficiency, fraud reduction, and compliance.

●    Telecom: Automation in the Telecom industry helps to connect customers and boost efficiency simultaneously. 

●    Sales: Automation is used in the Sales department to create and print invoices, as well as to add, amend, and remove client data from CRM.

●    Manufacturing and Automotive: The manufacturing industry benefits from automation by streamlining supply chain management, accelerating output, and lowering costs.

●    Health care: Automation aids in the management of crucial patient healthcare data.

●    Government: Automation is utilized in this domain for verification, filling out subcontractor paperwork, automating daily reporting, and more. 

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Automation Anywhere Model of Deployment

Cloud of Pureness: Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud is fully hosted and managed. Companies can experience SaaS alongside instant access to the entire automation platform. Moreover, your organization can be secure and stay up to date with no infrastructure to maintain.

Enabled by the Cloud: The Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud stores information about your infrastructure and administration activities. Therefore, companies can keep their data on-premises while getting a SaaS experience and lowering their total cost of ownership.

On-premises with Cloud updates: Fully hosted on your infrastructure with Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud upgrades available as an alternative. Companies can deploy completely on-premises, with complete control over getting cloud upgrades and new AI capabilities.

Magic Quadrant For Robotic Process Automation

Automation Anywhere is portrayed as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for the second year in a row. And what does this indicate? Automation Anywhere is performing quite well and is well-positioned for the future. According to Gartner, Automation Anywhere has strengths in the following areas: 

●    Product portfolio: Automation Anywhere redesigned their own product and improved the user experience along with several other features drastically.

●    Pricing: Pricing is transparent and competitive, with three major bundled options, which is a significant improvement over the previous edition.

●    Innovation: Automation Anywhere has a strong innovation profile and has shown it through the expansion of its partner ecosystem and the delivery of expanded functionality to its users via its Bot Store. The IQ Bot, process discovery capabilities, analytics, and native security vaults are examples of internally supported inventions.

What Differs RPA Automation Anywhere From Other RPA Vendors?

After going through Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report that’s shared above, it’s time we outline aspects that differ Automation Anywhere from other top-notch Robotic Process Automation vendors in the market. 

Let’s have a glimpse at Automation Anywhere features since they are a major reason for the robotic process automation vendor’s growing popularity amongst top businesses.

●    Most Intuitive RPA: Automation Anywhere provides Robotic Process Automation capabilities that are simple to utilize for everyone.

●    Secure by Design: Secured architecture and centralized control that go above and beyond global business RPA security, governance, and compliance requirements.

●    The quickest to scale: Automation Anywhere incorporates software bots that are simple to implement. Additionally, the platform has 500+ bots that are available for download.

●    Automation is transparent: Automation Anywhere procedures are transparent, implying that they are managed and controlled from a central control room.

●    Automation Anywhere AI-Augmented RPA combines Robotic Process Automation, AI, and analytics. It allows the RPA platform to deliver a Digital Workforce to businesses.

●    Adaptable: Because Automation Anywhere is flexible, no changes to the existing application are required.

●    Support: Automation Anywhere is a comprehensive RPA support ecosystem that can help you at every stage of your Robotic Process Automation journey. Automation Anywhere users have reaped a slew of benefits. 

Final Thoughts 

After discussing its features, benefits, and model of deployment, we can conclude that Automation Anywhere is a robust robotic process automation solution for numerous companies. Regardless of which company you are operating, Automation Anywhere is a necessity if you have a lot of monotonous work on a regular basis. 

RPA Automation Anywhere is capable of handling complex tasks and, by boosting process speed, saves a significant amount of money and time. If you are still having second thoughts about implementing Automation Anywhere for your business, you can proceed with its free trial. This free trial will last for a month before you have to purchase Automation Anywhere for leveraging the power of robotic process automation in 2021.