What to expect from Kentico 13?

What to expect from Kentico 13?

In the next few months, Kentico is going to release a brand-new version of Kentico Xpereince and it might be called Kentico Phoenix or simply Kentico 13. Phoenix is a mythological bird the regenerates after burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle. Kentico 13 is like the Phoenix bird, it is a fresh DXP platform of Kentico. 

We are going to many changes in the new version the first one is the end of the portal engines. So, from now onwards all the development will be carried out on MVC and .NET Core. Kentico is going to give support to the website based on portal engines until 2023. 

So, let see what can we expect from Kentico 13, 

1. Dotnet Core/MVC is The Future 

Kentico 13 is going to support MVC including Dotnet Core. The developers now need to brush up their MVC and Dotnet Core skills to make new Kentico websites. While installing the latest version of Kentico, you can select between ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Core.  

2. The end of Portal Engines 

As already mentioned before Goodbye to Portal engines, so you will no longer be able to create a new website on portal engines. Support for project build on Kentico 12 portal engine will cease by 2023.  

3. Transformation from CMS to DXP 

A Few months ago, Kentico rebranded its Content Management System to Digital Xperience Platform. A Digital Experience platform unites different technologies/applications like Content Management, CRM, Marketing Automation tools, Analytics etc. In the new version you are going to see the incorporation of various new updates and features. 

Kentico CMS – Kentico Xperience Business 

Kentico EMS – Kentico Xpereince Enterprise 

4.  Less is More 

Kentico is going to removed various applications for the previous version and give it a minimalistic and clean look. Applications like CSS Stylesheets, Bad Words, Message Boards, Chats and Polls. Kentico is also planning to remove its web analytics feature and integrate the platform with Google Analytics. 

Following are the features that might not be available in Kentico 13, 

1. Blogs  
2. My blogs 
3. Polls  
4. Banners  
5. Conversions *Replaced with the new way of setting the goals – already in Campaigns and AB tests 
6. Abuse report 
7. Avatars 
8. Bad words *My sincere apologies to all hardcore fans 
9. Badges  
10. Content rating 
11. Chat  
12. Events  
13. Forums  
14. Groups/Workgroups 
15. User contributions 
16. Message boards 
17. CSS stylesheets *Replaced with a new implementation for a site-specific CSS for admin's WYSIWYG editors 
18. Device profiles 
19. JavaScript files 
20. Notifications  
21. Portal Engine 
22. ASPX templates 
23. Transformations 
24. Device Profiles (51degrees) 

5.  Content Reusability 

One of the best advantages of the latest version of Kentico is Content reusability. The same module can be used again and again, so no need to create a module from scratch. Similar applications can be developed without compromising quality.  

6.  Automation 

In the new version of Kentico, the marketing automation platform is given a new look and it is now more user friendly. You can easily create creative email templates with drag and drop functionality. You can also preview your email code and design custom widgets. You can run different email campaigns with ease of contact management. A Custom recipient list can be created for a marketing campaign. Same as email campaigns, newsletters can be sent to the audience via Kentico Experience platform 

7.  Kentico Widgets 

In the latest version of Kentico you are going to many unique MVC widgets. The new widgets can easily be accessed from the Kentico Marketplace and developers can use it to build new projects. In this new version you can also explore through the content of the widgets, this will assist the user to swiftly go through all the content. 

8.  Beta Version 

If you are looking to explore the latest version of Kentico then download the beta version of Kentico which is available on -  Kentico 13 Beta version.


We all are eagerly waiting for the release of the latest version of Kentico and very excited to see the new features. It is speculated that Kentico 13 will be released around November 2020.   

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