Finance and Banking

The project was quite complex because of the involvement of different functionalities and incorporating them in a complex environment. The project included a complete overhaul of website architecture, User interface, graphics, custom modules and a design powerful content management system.


Project Team 

Project Manager: 1 

Developers: 12 

Testers: 5 

UI/UX Designers: 3 

PR Manager:2 



Field : Finance & Banking

The client is one of the most prominent banks in Australia and wanted to redesign the website completely and develop a powerful content management system to enhance their business and live up to customer expectations. From development to deployment, Zenesys provided end to end solutions.

Duration: 7 Months

Technology used: Kentico



Designing images that are fully responsive and media libraries having high quality images and files.

Social Media

Social media integration, thus increasing the traffic on the website.


Creation of blog and news page for marketing and adding new and fresh content to engage visitors.


The customer can order their meal in just two steps by selecting items from the menu and online payment.

Key Criteria for Choosing Kentico

Kentico is a high-performance CMS with inbuilt digital marketing tools. It has unique E-commerce features offering users, customers, and store managers, a flexible, feature-rich e-commerce platform. In terms of security it provides granular roles and permissions features, so your CMS is secure, and access can be given according to roles. The website designed on Kentico is responsive on every device be it smartphone or laptop. There are other features like multilingual functionality, SEO tools, smart search and easy third-party data integration. Kentico CMS offers the best tools, endless flexibility and secure platform so your business attracts more customers and you make the most of your CMS.

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