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DevOps as a Service

Speed time-to-market with our DevOps solutions

Enable continuous delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for faster time-to-market at reduced cost.

About Devops

Revamp your application delivery process by minimizing maintenance and development lifecycle costs and enhance technology investment decisions. Constant business planning helps to incorporate timely customer feedback and make the required adjustments, while at the same time enhancing agility and estimating delivery. DevOps automates and systematizes the delivery process for infrastructure deployment so that your organization get accelerated innovation, excellent operational efficiency and enhanced deployment quality enabling you to focus better on your business goals. Zenesys offers DevOps as a service to help you regulate your application delivery process as per your organization’s overall strategy.

  • Connect teams with shared objectives, lean principles and enable continuous delivery workflow.
  • Excellent source control, flexibility in Cloud Computing and automated monitoring.
  • Fine-grained service architecture that leads to a faster recovery period.
  • A decrease in crashes and rollbacks thanks to repeated test runs. 

DevOps as a Service

We at Zenesys take care of your entire development process by evaluating your current DevOps practices, establishing automation, utilizing the best tools for business process transformation and ongoing administration of the delivery pipeline.

DevOps Assessment

Zenesys DevOps consulting offering assess your businesses DevOps practices, review your development pipeline and existing infrastructure, list unnecessary tasks and identify the right set of tools. Moreover, we develop an assessment report describing action points for Automation and Continuous Delivery Roadmap.

DevOps Automation

Next, we check your existing development process and based on that, outline the optimal workflows, and implement automation for a continuous delivery pipeline. While automating, we anticipate deployment risk and enhance productivity using robust open source & licensed tools.

DevOps Management

After delivery process automation, we help you maintain the health of your delivery pipeline. Managing release, continuous deployment, server setup, and performance optimization are taken care of on a continuous basis.

Why Choose Us?

DevOps Consulting Expertise

Zenesys helps your organization make desired outcomes a reality. We help you manage business thoughts, business demands and business releases. We constantly align to your business to help you make informed decisions to align with the products and portfolio investments to improve visibility and transparency of development initiatives. Our strategies help you stay on top of market opportunities. We help in providing input, gaining clarity, achieving unanimity, and adapting to changes more quickly.

Our DevOps as a service expertise includes:

  • One-click deployments and rollback
  • Configure Automated Alerts
  • Centralized Log Management
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Continuous Process and Infrastructure Development
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Performance Optimization and Stress Testing
  • Collaboration with Dev and QA team