About Client

The client is a no-intro-needed name in the online payment gateway industry. They wanted to develop an application that can help people with easy money-transfer and online shopping. They needed a smooth, intuitive and easy-navigable application for their users. 

project background

The client is a well-known online payment system provider based in Austin. Zenesys helped them to come up with own online mobile payment application. In recent years, the mobile payment industry in Austin has boomed

Business problem

The client had a established e-commerce website but they were unsatisfied with the payment mode. They wanted to create their own e-wallet to conclude the payment without paying any transaction fees. An easy-to-use e-wallet for you’re the e-commerce website.   

Business Objective

Develop a mobile wallet app for Android and iOS to facilitate mobile financial transactions.

The application should operate successfully on various devices and lessen illegal, unwanted, and non-traceable payments, by reducing the use of cash.

The solution required to have an interactive and intuitive user interface with a secure transaction platform for processing several mobile payments.

The implementation of tough functionalities and offering a superb user interface.

key features

Key challanges

  • Since the e-wallet mobile app comprises of gathering sensitive individual bank details, data encryption was of greatest significance.

  • Hybrid application development for various platforms such as Android and iOS.
  • Design a visually attractive and minimalistic interface.
  • The client required that people can simply download the app without any hurdles.

Zenesys Solution

We developed an E-wallet mobile app that permits users to operate their e-wallet right from their mobile phone. Applied strict encryption standards to safeguard the bank transaction process. We gained the rest API security by encrypting all payload data of all API calls. Zenesys carried out a minimalistic design interface for simpler and faster navigation throughout the android application.


In Austin, mobile payment applications like E-wallet can set the trend for e-payment systems. It will bring several perks to users by eliminating intermediate steps like signing papers, commuting, withdrawing cash, etc. With these features like quick to set reminders, add to favorites, and payment history, the e-wallet makes around 3000 payment types possible with just a tap.


Zenesys made a highly customized app that impeccably provides scalability, rich features, and an intuitive user interface to drive more users to the E-wallet app. Thanks to their team for offering a wonderful working experience.