About Client

The client has a being a paradigm of food delivery apps. They have been bridging between foodies and their favorite food hubs. The client was unable to establish a connection between the clients and eateries. They were looking for a smooth ordering platform that can give unparallel user-friendly experience while placing their food orders.

Project Background

The main focus of the client is to satisfy customers with a seamless food ordering experience. It helps in linking restaurants with delivery staff to run no-contact food delivery services at the doorstep of customers.

Business Problems

The client is unable to handle the customers as the number is increasing consistently. Besides, the client is facing problems in delivering speedy services due to which there was a reduction in customer retention

Business Objectives

Improve the service speed

Make the app robust & scalable 

Connect with more customers

Linking restaurants with delivery staff

Key Features


Key Challenges

In the absence of a tracking device, the client was unable to detect its order delivery, the time taken in delivery, and the customer review. An additional challenge is payment. Customers are searching for an easy to pay and flexible method, which the client lacked. They got the idea of an app that will simply connect the users with the client and delivery agents while a check on their meal. This app also turns the payment process easy while stopping the need for pick and drop payments and directly sent to the client's account.

Zenesys Solution

We updated the website, and all the essential social media platforms were linked to the homepage. Our team aided the clients by automating the task and reducing the chances of mistakes. We created an application that will create a unique ID, permitting the restaurant owner to check the order’s status.  

With the use of react native, this application was developed that had all the solution regarding the issues faced by our clients. We strengthen the application by adding GPS tracker that interacts with Map API to find the nearest service provider permitting them to link with the appropriate store.  

Results & Outcome

Our on-demand app development solution for food ordering is a full-fledge solution concentrated that assists in meeting the needs of our clients and their participants in the business model. The application is designed in a certain way that keeps all job roles, users, and participants on the same page


It was one of the best decisions to hire Zenesys. They understood the issue and went to the core of the problem. Their solutions were on point, and we were amazed to see their approach towards the problem. We highly recommend Zenesys to all those who need IT Solutions.