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The next technological breakthrough is here and it is called 5G. 5G is the fifth generation mobile network which will supersede 4G in the near future. The 5G network technology is going to revolutionalize the telecom market and you are going to see faster internet speed.

3G to 4G speed difference was only 10-15 Mbps but the speed difference between 4G and 5G is massive - 1-10 Gbps! Want to download a movie? It will take only a few seconds, Want to download a 100 GB game? It will only take a few minutes.5G will also help us revolutionise the Internet of things industry by providing fast and secure internet to everyone. 

Is 5G available now?  Many countries like South Korea, Japan and the USA have started 5G operations in their countries. In the next 2-3 years, most of the countries will be able to access the 5G Technology. 

Let's visualize this infographic so you can easily understand all the aspects related to 5G.

Everything you need to know about 5G -Zenesys

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