Vetstream is a veterinary company based in the UK that serves veterinarian personnel in their clinical work by harnessing the power of its e-commerce website. Zenesys helped them in redeveloping their website with easy functionality and intuitive user experience. 


The original e-commerce website of Vetstream was tough to create and navigate. The content pages were not responsive to mobiles and tablets. They needed an upgrade to their website from Kentico 9 to Kentico 12. Vetsream wanted their website to display all aspects to their veterinary clients​


  • They have a 'one-size-fits-all' module which doesn't help them cater to all their services and customers.
  • Difficult to create, manage and modify content on their website due to the backend complexity.


Complete Revamp of the website

Make it fully responsive across devices

Seamless Content management

Customized modules integration




  • Create a world-class solution that would benefit the veterinary practitioners while addressing any underlying problems. 

  • To create a responsive, user-friendly and create a smooth user interface for the clients. 

  • To build a website that is intuitive and responsive that will help the users and veterinary practitioner to conclude their business.  


Post getting through the problem, we were able to sort some solutions that can easily solve the problem. We used Microsoft ASP. NET framework for adding, managing, and editing the content easily. It allows Vetstream to build a complete profile of their visitors that helps them to generate qualified leads. We concluded website enhancement through links, metadata, and tracking elements.  

To rectify the design issues, we utilized Bootstrap UI framework with intuitive web testing to identify potential bugs. Our approach and techniques worked for the client and all the issues were solved.  


With our solutions the client experienced a 100% fully functioned website. The website visitors also escalated to 40%. The responsive and intuitive website also helped in 50% hype in lead generation. 

In nutshell, Vetstream's website is made responsive, offers an incredible user experience, and is able to bring qualified leads to its website.  


Zenesys helped us achieve tangible positive results by improving our website user experience that drives potential leads for our business. I would highly recommend the Zenesys team for all your IT Solutions.