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Nowadays, mobile app development and web development is going through a thrilling phase. Earlier, most developers were writing Javascript codes for many browser applications due to the platform-independent ability and other pioneering features. Here, we have compared Blazor vs Angular vs Vue vs React, which will assist you in getting a technical insight into their potential. However, it will assist a developer in forming his decision based on the information we have mentioned below.  

Tardily, the impact of Javascript grew, and at the subsequent part of its evolution, it embraced all the best business and technological domains. At present, JavaScript is known to be the most prominent programming language. As per a survey, around 67% of developers and programmers have used JavaScript globally.  
Risking hefty on JavaScripts' massive fame, multiple tech-based firms came up with their Backend and Frontend development technologies, libraries, and systems based on JavaScript. If we talk about the most popular ones, React JS, and Angular JS leads the way. The web development world has been flourishing at a remarkable speed, and software developers have a chance to explore more options except JavaScript to build premium mobile and web applications.  
This article shows Blazor framework innovation and takes a deep dive contrasting Blazor vs React vs Angular vs Vue.  

What is Blazor?

Blazor is a freely available open-source web structure that entrusts several designers to build web-based applications by employing language platforms such as C# and HTML. Microsoft Blazor development company allows you to use Razor grammar and C# rather than JavaScript. Blazor (Browser + Razor) authorize developers to simulate reusable and instinctive web User interfaces for customer apps, particularly in .NET and managed entirely under web assembly. 


Moreover, it permits developers to write server and client programming codes in C#. Additionally, helps you to transfer libraries and codes, offering a great platform to authorize and build a modern single-page app while .NET from scratch. The best thing about Blazor framework is that it uses all the latest web frameworks and guidelines, making its application quite easy.  

What Does Blazor Offer?

Following are the remarkable and unique things that Microsoft Blazor offers: 

Compatibility with various operating systems - The code which is written in Visual Studio improves overall Blazor app development and offers mixtures of operating systems like macOS, Linus, and Windows. If you want to opt for a different code editor to write code in other ways, you can easily align yourself with .NET command-line tools. Besides, you can select any good editor as per your needs o fulfil your desired goals. 

Exchanging .NET code and libraries - The Blazor based apps use the existing .NET libraries. All credit goes to the standardized format of .NET for building an official explicit .NET libraries and .NET code. These can be employed anywhere, like making codes for web browsers or servers. It offers great support to the companies already on Microsoft infrastructure, giving a flawless experience to several startups. 

Active groups and communities - Owing to the hefty popularity of Blazor lately, it provides support groups that help assist the developers and other users as well. They assist the developers in creating product samples, tutorials or particular support articles or publishing e-books.  


  1. Instant and productive. 
  2. Offers a framework for building attainable UI. 
  3. It permits working with the current web elements.  
  4. Supports full .NET fault viewing and debugging.  
  5. Needs no plugins.  
  6. It assists in the forming of various components of the open web structure. 


Angular is a JavaScript-based platform that grew and was issued by Google in 2016. Besides, Angular focuses on rearranging certain events and testing single-page apps by offering a system to client-side MVC and MVVM just as robust web apps feature allowing the designer to build unique and well-working SPAs swiftly. 

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React is a JavaScript-based UI/UX library set up by Facebook in 2013. It is considered the prominent web development solution made to create intuitive UI. It has gathered fame lately, and Facebook has employed reactjs to make all the famous apps such as Instagram, Facebook mobile application, and  Whatsapp. However, companies using React JS are PayPal, Dropbox, Twitter, Uber, and Walmart. 


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces and single-page applications. It is an open-source framework that uses a model-view-ViewModel (MVVM) architectural structure. Vue came in 2014, and the MVVM permits the business logic or model to be differentiated from its graphical user interface. You get a core library in Vue.js that focuses on the view layer. The best feature among Vue.js is its directives. These directives are HTML attributes that allow the developers to extend HTML. 

Blazor Vs Angular

Angular is a JavaScript-based development framework designed and developed by Google. The framework is popular for making the testing job easy and developing single-page applications. Additionally, it gives a flexible framework for client-side MVC (Model, View, Controller) and MVVM (Model, View, View, Model) and unique internet app abilities, which helps the developers build super effective SPAs in no time. Both Blazor and Angular are web development frameworks. The distinction between them is Blazor provides development calibre by employing C#, whereas Angular is completely formed on JavaScript, a popular platform.  


Certainly, angularjs development services is broadly used by developers and is production-ready globally, whereas Blazor is the current solution. You get the best support from Angular for PWAs, whereas the Blazor server cannot perform as a PWA. In the case of Angular, you get a matured tooling support, whereas, for Blazor, the Razor support was only added lately.  

Blazor Vs React

React is a JavaScript-based User Interface component library set up by Facebook in 2013. It is the best widely used framework for developing innovative and interactive UI/UX. Several applications provided by Facebook use this, such as Instagram, Facebook mobile application, and Whatsapp. Facebook supports React heftily along with a developers community and tech firms. Big titans that use React are Twitter, Dropbox, Uber, Paypal, Walmart, and Netflix.  


Blazor is an eccentric mobile and web application user interface framework that employs C#/Razor and HTML. Besides, it operates inside any browser through the WebAssembly feature. Both React and Blazor are open-source libraries and frameworks. React leads the way if the matter comes to popularity as the audience prefers it. Blazor has just 8.19 K GitHub stars and React leading at 136K GitHub stars.

Angular Vs React


Angular is a full-fledged mobile and web application development framework. Whereas, React is a library solely used for User Interface development. Yet, we can alter it into a full-fledged frontend development solution with the assistance of extra libraries. React is easy and lightweight in the initial view and several developers prefer it due to its less time taking in the development of React project. In contrast, Angular is a bit complex if the design is concerned, and it requires some time to ace. It's a robust framework and provides an exceptional web development experience, and once any developer ace the skills, they can enjoy using AngularJS.  

Blazor Vs Vue


Evan You developed Vue in 2014 after working for an organization using Angular in various projects. It is the core reason why Vue seems similar to Angular. Vue is also an open-source MVVM framework mirroring React and Angular for developing UIs and SPAs. But, Evan You tried his best to eliminate most of the points from Vue resembling Angular. Vue controls several sites like Alibaba, 9gag, Adobe and is considered the second most famous framework after React. Just like others, Blazor and Vue.js are also web frameworks. The distinction between them Vue is entirely based on javascript, while Blazor is not. Besides, Vue has been in the market longer than Blazor. However, both are open-source tools where Vue wins every time on the popularity angle.

Which one is The Best Among Blazor Vs React Vs Angular Vs Vue?

Blazor, a brand new platform, has a lot to offer. It brings seamless integration with .NET and gives a chance to get what JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular give using C#. Whereas, React, Vue, and Angular permit you to create and develop several web and mobile applications using JavaScript, chosen by those who use JavaScript for web app development. It is significant to note that JavaScript frameworks have built their goodwill in the market for so long and evolved on a hefty scale. Suppose we talk about Microsoft Blazor which is still not completely backed via the spectrum. Besides, it lacks several features that the JavaScript libraries and frameworks provide to the developers. For those who love to work from a blank slate, Vue.Js offers that convenience. Angular is basically for production requirements, whereas React is mainly used for its lightweight and superb frontend development capabilities. In the end, what matters to us is your needs and vision, which will assist you in choosing what tool and framework you would be using. Blazor, Vue, Angular, and React have amazing capabilities and features; they all are the winner in their area.