AI Powered Adobe: Features to Look Out in 2021

AI Powered Adobe: Features to Look Out in 2021

Adobe's AI technology has enhanced a lot of features in its products such as Sky Replacement in Photoshop. So let's put the light on some of the astonishing quality of AI-powered technology by Adobe.




1. Sky Replacement

The very latest feature of Adobe Photoshop is automatic Sky Replacement which the company showed in September 2020. The feature will be now officially available in Photoshop. Adobe's machine learning algorithm finds out the way around objects in a figure(Photo) to replace the sky, it also changes masks and lightning of your figure to match the sky we choose. This new feature comes with 25 types of presets and also it gives the option to add sky replacement. 


2. Neural Filters

On daily basis, we have been using AI-based filters on our photos. Mobile apps like Face-swap, Prisma, and many more have used this technology in the past. Now with Photoshop's new editing tools, we can tune our photos with these filters to give them an extra edge. Adobe is coming with new update along with six new filters, skin smoothing and style transfer are an example of these filters. 


3. Refine Hair and Object-Aware Refine Mode

The new AI-powered selection and refinement tools make it easier to refine hair and other objects that have blended in with the background because of a similar colour or texture. 


4. AI-Powered Discover Panel

Photoshop has introduced new discover panel which will help us in our work and projects, this panel is loaded with tools and tips to make work fast. It uses AI to deliver suggestions based on our work. 


Premier Pro

Speech-to-text and caption workflow: Adobe Premiere Pro is coming up with new AI feature automatic
speech-to-text translations. The machine learning generates auto-captions with spoken words on the screen. This feature will be available in 12 languages including English, German, Spanish, and French.

Other Tools

●  The upcoming Roto Brush 2.0 tool from Adobe After Effect up with upcoming features: The AI-based Roto Bruch 2.0 tool. This version of Roto Bruch will be available very soon in beta versions to generate Roto masks for moving objects in video material quick and accurate. 

●  Speech-Aware Animation in Character Animator: Adobe Animate new feature automatically animates character-based on their speech including facial expressions movements that gives your video more realistic transition. 

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