10 Most Popular And Best React UI Frameworks To Build Modern Applications

10 Most Popular And Best React UI Frameworks To Build Modern Applications

You might get surprised to know that in a study conducted by Stack Overflow, React is the top-rated framework with 40.14 percent in the web frameworks category.


Because of its popularity, several UI libraries have been created to develop Custom React components to enable easier integration and help developers manage the data and content without any hassle.
Renowned brands such as Netflix, PayPal, Airbnb, Salesforce, Reddit, and Instagram also leverage the React framework.
Let's dwell and get to know the best React UI libraries that you should know in 2022

10 Best React UI framework for building modern applications

1.  Material UI
2.  Ant Design
3.  Grommet
4.  Chakra UI
5.  Semantic UI
6.  React Redux
7.  Evergreen
8.  Fluent UI
9.  Blueprint UI
10.  React Bootstrap


1. Material UI

Material UI (MUI) is the best UI framework for React because it includes various pre-built material UI components and themes. It includes intuitive features such as pre-built sliders, drop-down menus, and navigational tools. Therefore, you don't have to waste time creating them. In addition, each component is fully customizable and meets the latest accessibility standards.
It's a group of elements based on the Google Material Design standards along with many accessible and adjustable React components. These Material UI components only show the needed style, which improves application speed. Furthermore, material UI has a large and active community to help you with your questions. That is why many newcomers prefer this framework to all other alternatives.


Features of Material UI

• Automatic color changes
Material UI comes with two palettes for a light and dark mode, making implementing dark mode simple so that your users can view the screen effectively.
• Interoperability
This kind of adaptability is critical for extending the reach of a styling library, and you have the freedom to select styling components or CSS modules without any difficulty.
• Switch between RTL and Non-RTL

Material UI may handle RTL languages such as Arabic, Persian, and others. It also allows seamless switching from RTL to non-RTL and vice versa.


2. Ant Design

Ant Design is a React CSS framework with a large design library that is easy to use. It has a great advantage allowing to use of the components directly with React. It is designed specifically for professional use and contains many heavy reaction components. The best feature of Ant Design is how simple it is to integrate its design elements. For client development, Ant Design offers excellent standard GUI design.


Ant Design intuitive features

• Seamless theme customization
It offers many powerful themes that may be customized with unique specifications.
• Environment support feature
It can become the cornerstone for all modern browsers by giving them complete support in addition to Explorer 11.
• Intuitive design resources and tools

It provides a comprehensive set of design and development resources and tools of exceptional quality.


3. Grommet

Grommet is the best CSS React framework with rich features and React UI libraries such as accessibility, modularity, responsiveness, and themes. The component package makes it simple to create responsive and accessible mobile-first websites. Grommet's simplicity to integrate it into existing projects or start new ones is one of its most interesting features.


Features of Grommet

• Powerful theming tools
It can be customized using advanced and modern theming tools to suit your type, color and layout needs. You may even manage the interaction between components.
Grommet is responsive, mobile-first React UI libraries and kits for Webapps with a simple component library.
Icon set

The Icon component in Grommet contains a huge collection of SVG icons that can be matched incredibly with the system's flat and outlined design.


4. Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a React CSS framework that can swiftly become a must-have for React app developers, and its multiple colors allow you to modify the darkness or brightness according to your customers' preferences. 

When compared to the React component libraries, Chakra UI is newer, and it still lacks some features and components. Therefore, small to medium-sized development projects are incredibly leverage Chakra UI allowing them to work with few components and advanced features.


Features of Chakra UI

• Easy to use
With Chakra UI you don’t need to worry about the complicated setup because it offers simple and straightforward React UI libraries.
• Modular
The Chakra UI framework includes modular React components that help in developing clean and efficient code.
• Components that can be reused

You can reuse a React component multiple times and customize it for future use.  


5. Semantic UI

Semantic UI is a React CSS framework with full-featured React UI libraries developed on the Semantic UI CSS framework. It is GitHub open-source project and an excellent choice for React projects. It includes React components for designing and CSS style sheets from semantic UI. It includes a range of pre-built components that assist you in understanding and writing semantically friendly code.


Features of Semantic UI

• Augmentation
The CSS library for React helps in providing you with better control by enabling you to build unique component functionality.
• Sub Components
Sub components give you full control over how to access and edit your markup.
• Auto controlled state

It helps to extend the concept of controlled and uncontrolled components, allowing you to manage props more easily by utilizing React UI libraries.


6. React Redux

React Redux is the most popular react UI framework recognized for its predictability. All you have to do is decide the values you want from your components. The interface has the potential to extract and update them automatically. Its simple and intuitive interface lets you test your code in several environments and allow you to compare the results correctly.

Furthermore, React Redux is the best React CSS framework for debugging apps. It comes with DevTools, which allows you to track changes in the state of your application, log them, and provide error reports. It has the ability to build apps that allows work to their full potential with performance optimizations.


Features of React Redux

• Performance optimization
React Redux internally incorporates significant performance improvements that allow components to be rendered only when really needed.
• Large community Support
React Redux has a huge user base, making it easy to get help, study best practices, use React's UI libraries, and reuse your skills across different apps.
• React Redux UI bindings

React-Redux, as React's official Redux binding, is updated with any API changes from both libraries to ensure that React components perform as expected. The intended utilization of React is to create declarative components that follow its design principles.


7. Evergreen

Evergreen is a CSS library for React with a collection of React modules for building professional web applications. As it is developed with React Primitive, it is quite adaptable. At the same time, it works just as well right out of the box.

Evergreen v5 only supports themes to a lesser degree, but Evergreen v6 will have an updated theme API which should make themes more powerful and accessible.


Features offered by Evergreen

• Seamless Flexibility
Evergreen should be as adaptable and customizable as possible, allowing users to create various user interfaces. Evergreen is based on UI-box to provide boundless versatility.
• Easy to make changes
Evergreen should have reasonable settings and developers should be able to change them using an expressive API.
• Contributor-friendly

It prioritizes proper documentation and a friendly tone in its writing so that users inside and outside the framework feel inspired to contribute and bring their viewpoints.


8. Fluent UI

This is the best UI framework for React that takes advantage of Microsoft's Fluent UI to create easy and rich user interfaces for web, mobile, and desktop apps. It's a collection of different UX (User Experience) frameworks that allow developers may utilize to build high-end cross-platform apps.

Developers can also share code, design, and interaction behavior with the support of these excellent React component libraries. Furthermore, it is particularly well-suited to create user interfaces for Windows apps, as the Microsoft UI kit delivers all necessary components.


Features of Fluent UI

• Intuitive and powerful
Its powerful interface helps people and ideas together and anticipate their needs. 
• Customizable
It uses CSS-in-JS to create robust, up-to-date, and accessible components that are extremely customizable.
• Cross-platform

Fluent UI is a cross-platform, open-source design system that provides designers and developers with the tools they need to create stunning apps.


9. Blueprint UI

The Blueprint UI is a React CSS framework primarily intended for desktop applications. It's also a sophisticated user interface(UI) that can create data-intensive web interfaces with various components and modules. 

Unfortunately, Blueprint has not been considered the perfect user interface for mobile apps. Although it lacks many mobile components seen in MUI-style interfaces, it allows mobile interactions.


Features of Blueprint UI

• Intuitive features
It has a CSS library for React of about 30 standard components. You can alter the style of each one using CSS.
• Minimal scripting
The interface includes options for fine-tuning these components and apps with minimal coding on your part.
• Easy to use

Blueprint's multi-touch interface is exceptionally simple and intuitive, allowing designers and developers to build apps faster and easier than ever before.


10. React Bootstrap

As one of the oldest React UI libraries, React Bootstrap has been maintained and expanded besides React. Each of its components is designed to be as available as possible. Consider React Bootstrap if you want to build a front-end React UI framework for web development. It is, without a doubt, the best CSS framework for React that contains a lot of components. Furthermore, these features have been created to be as accessible as possible. As a result, you won't have to change them while making your theme, plugin, or app available to users.


Features of React Bootstrap

• Out-of-the-Box Accessibility
When it comes to designing your website, accessibility is crucial. Compared to vanilla Bootstrap, creating accessible components is considerably easier using React Bootstrap.
• Cleaner code
React Bootstrap uses React-style components, which provide all of the usual Bootstrap class information resulting in cleaner, more understandable code.
• Virtual DOM insertion

With Virtual DOM insertion, bootstrap components can easily be put into the Virtual DOM.


Final Thoughts

React is one of the most popular and widely used technologies for creating high-end user interfaces. A React developer can use some UI components, modules, and frameworks on the market to build rich and intuitive user interfaces with ease.

So, before you start on a React project, spend some time researching frameworks that can help you save a lot of time while developing a website or app.

Are you confused about choosing the best UI framework for React for your web development project? Zenesys team will help you build the interactive interface for your website or an app.

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