Everything you need to know about E-commerce website development

Everything you need to know about E-commerce website development

From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, nowadays almost every business wants to increase its online presence and sell its products through an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website is the face of the brand and to build your brand you need a unique and robust e-commerce website. These days more and more customers prefer to buy products online, so an e-commerce website is the need of the hour.

With many options available it is quite difficult to estimate what will be the overall cost of your e-commerce website. As an e-commerce specialist, many clients often ask “How much it cost to build an e-commerce website or What is the cost of building a basic e-commerce website? The answer is it depends on many things and so, unfortunately, we can’t answer your question unless we know what your exact requirements are.

In this article, we will analyze what are the important features your e-commerce must have and how you can determine an estimate for your e-commerce website.

Features of an E-commerce Website

1. Catchy and Clean Interface

The first impression is the last impression, so the UI should be visually appealing and intuitive.

2. Responsive Website

The website should respond correctly to the user’s behavior and device (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.)  

3. Integrated Marketing & SEO tools  

The SEO tools will help you make a robust online presence and marketing tools will help you to reach more and more customers. Social media integration is important because it is the best way an e-commerce website can promote their products.

4. Customer Account Management

There should be a login system from where you can get data of a customer and thus you can send personalized marketing ads.

5. Content Management

You should be able to manage, create and modify the content of your website easily. For example, there should be a separate page for blog or infographics.

6. Order Management

Now the customer has bought a product from your website, now you must be able to manage orders, update order status, view customer information, etc.

7. Product Search

Users can easily search for a specific product and filter it according to different categories like price, color, company, etc.

8. User Registration

Users can log in/register using their email or social media accounts.

9. Categories of Products

In home page users can navigate through categories or subcategories, so they can easily find what they are looking for.

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10. Product-Wise Pages

A full-page for a product where users can see complete details about the product like reviews, product descriptions, offers, photos, etc.

11. Basic Cart Management

The user should be able to manage the cart by easily adding or removing items.

12. Check Out Page

This is one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce website because if this page hangs, shows errors or lags then the customer is not going to buy your products. So, this page should be designed in such a manner that users will be able to checkout smoothly without any hassle.

13. Seamless Payment Gateway

Multiple Payment gateways should be integrated so that more options are available to the customer.

14. Order History

There should be a separate page where users can review their orders.

15. Multilingual Functionality

If you are looking to expand your business, all around the world then you must need to implement this tool on your website.

16. Analytics and Reporting

This data allows you to record everything from sales to inventories and you can analyze the growth of your company.

Phases of E-commerce Website Design and Development Process
Estimating the Cost of your E-commerce Website

Your website can be divided into three categories:

1. Basic Version

The most common e-commerce website with just fundamental functionalities and simple UI. 

Development cost- $30,000

UI/UX Design - $5,000

Project Management and Quality Assurance- $5,000

Licensing, Domain, Server, Maintenace cost is not included.

Total Cost - $40,000+ 

Development Time – 3-6 months

2. Medium version 

It is a complex website with more unique features and designed to cater to a large audience.

Development cost- $50,000

UI/UX Design - $10,000

Project Management and Quality Assurance-  $10,000

Licensing, Domain, Server, Maintenace cost is not included.

Cost - $70,000+

Development Time – 6-9 months

3. Large Version

It is an enterprise level e-commerce website. It is capable to support high volume operations.

Development cost- $70,000

UI/UX Design - $20,000

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Project Management and Quality Assurance- $20,000

Licensing, Domain, Server, Maintenace cost is not included.

Development Time – 10+ months

Total Cost-  $110,000+

So, depending on your requirements and budget you can build a custom e-commerce website. It takes a lot of time and effort a successful e-commerce website development, but in the long run, your e-commerce website will help you grow your business.

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