Everything you need to know about Kentico Kontent

Everything you need to know about Kentico Kontent

Kentico cloud has rebranded itself to Kentico Kontent, an improved and robust Content as a Service platform. In simple terms, it is one of the most effective cloud platforms to manage and achieve total control over your content. 

The businesses are evolving rapidly and thus technology companies are changing their technologies day by day. The future of CMS is here, and it is the headless Content Management System. Headless CMS offers various advantages, below are few of them 

1.The content is unified in a single environment thus less cluttered 

2.More flexible and simpler than traditional CMS 

3.The content is delivered through a dynamic API making it more flexible for developers and designers 

4.Decoupling your content from the frontend, so changes can be made easily and redesign the environment. 

What is Content as a service – CaaS? 

As everyone says Content is the king and in this competitive market your business should be using an efficient CaaS Platform. Content as a service (CaaS) is a cloud-based platform that stores the content and delivers the on-demand content to the user.  


Salient features of CaaS Platform 

1. Content is delivered via Rest based API

2. A central location where data is stored and managed 

3. Defining the workflow and authorization 

4. Designing content within the specific content models 

5. Metadata definitions can be determined and passed with the content through API 

Kentico Kontent 


Kentico Kontent is the new brand of Kentico Cloud and a redefined CaaS platform. Kentico has been in the CMS market for more than 15 years and this time it has decided to focus on cloud-based CMS. Traditional CMS is changing rapidly, and more and more companies are opting for a flexible platform to manage the unorganized content. Kentico unveiled a new website on September 16 - https://kontent.ai/

You must have noticed that domain name is ending with ai, it signifies that Kentico Kontent wants to incorporate artificial intelligence technology to its platform. The new AI, machine learning and automation technologies can transform the CaaS platforms and Kentico is heading towards the right direction. 

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Unify and Manage your Content 

All your content is unified and placed in a centralized environment in Kentico Kontent. The different teams in the organization can collaborate easily and use a single platform to modify, manage and deploy the content. In big enterprises, data management is difficult if it is not stored in a centralized repository and to overcome such problems the company should use only a single platform that unifies all the content. 

Let’s see how an efficient collaboration can impact your business 

1. Multiple people can work on a single project and can be edited independently 

2. Consistency with the content as anyone can reuse the content and work for other projects simultaneously. 

3. Different teams can share the content and chances of duplicity or overlapping are reduced significantly. 

4. As content as reused easily, the team can focus on the creation of new content. 



Kentico Kontent Integrations 


2.Azure Search 

3.Google Analytics 




Click here to see the full list of integrations Kentico Kontent has incorporated. 

Changes you might see in Kentico Kontent in near future 

1.The users will be able to design a new environment within Kentico Kontent thus making the process of deployment faster without need to control different projects 

2. For safer data migration, new functionalities and tools will be added 

3.Content Management API v2 will have .NET SDK 

4.Improved stability in the new version of Kentico Kontent 

These are only a few changes and many more to come. To remain updated regularly go through the Kentico Kontent website.

What Kentico Kontent offers? 

The content can be optimized as it has mobile delivery capabilities so that your company provides an immense user experience. 

Great performance and scalability. 

API based data/content management and delivery. 

Artificial Intelligence Technology will be incorporated to automate the process. 

3rd Party Integration so you can use additional tools with Kentico Kontent.

Flexible with Technology and Tools as APIs and SDKs will work with the technology of your choice. 

Why CaaS might be the right choice for your company 

1.Your content can only reach a large audience if it gets to numerous platforms      like mobile, smart devices and web. Caas has the capabilities to optimize your content and deliver it instantly. 

2.It might be too expensive for a company to put resources for design and maintenance. CaaS can be easily managed with minimal staff thus saving your valuable time and money. 

3.A single platform for all teams is more efficient than multiple platforms for different channels. Using a centralized system content can be easily managed, edited and delivered. 

4.No need to change the existing software stack of the company and Caas can be implemented seamlessly. 

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Bill Gates wrote an essay in 1996 “Content is the king”, he emphasized internet companies can deliver content more efficiently than any other channel. He said “One of the exciting things about the Internet is that anyone with a PC and a modem can publish whatever content they can create. In a sense, the Internet is the multimedia equivalent of the photocopier. It allows material to be duplicated at a low cost, no matter the size of the audience.” 

Peter Palas also emphasized that “content is the currency of every digital experience”. Organizations must find a way to connect with their audience and convert them into valuable customers, the way to do it is simple – Connect with the audience with the right content delivered seamlessly at the right time. 


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