the future of kentico xperience

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The Kentico is going to rebrand its iconic Content Management System to "Kentico Xperience". The new brand replaced product names Kentico CMS(Kentico Xperience Business) and Kentico EMS(Kentico Xperience Enterprise). The future of CMS is changing rapidly and thus Kentico revealed this platform to adapt itself to this new environment.  

Kentico is one of the oldest CMS in the world and for 15 years, it is the leading provider of Content Management Systems. The Kentico CMS allows us to manage, edit and modify the content with ease, so it is a robust, flexible and modern CMS.   

kentico journey (2004 –2020)

2004 - The company was founded by Peter Palas in the Czech Republic.   

August 2004 - Kentico released its first CMS for ASP.NET version 1.0.  

2006 - After the success of version 1 released Kentico CMS 2.0 which enabled users and developers to build custom sites and portals through a web browser. 

2008 - Kentico becomes Microsoft gold certified partner and opens its new office in the United States.   

2010 - Kentico named as the fastest growing technology company in the Czech Republic by Deloitte.   

2012 - Around 12000 websites in the world was running on Kentico.   

2013 - Partner Network: 1200, Websites:16000 and Countries:90.   

November 2013 - Kentico named as the best CMS in Penton Media’s Dev pro annual awards.   

2016 - Kentico CMS featured in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrants report for both WCMS and Horizontal portals.   

2016 (Nov)- Kentico launches new cloud platform called Kentico Cloud.

2018 - Kentico released its latest version 12.0 in November, which is the most advanced and stable CMS in the market.   

2019 (June) - Kentico completes 15 years 

2019 (September) - Kentico cloud is rebranded to Kentico Kontent - A content-as-a-service-platform. 

2020 – Kentico rebranded itself, Kentico CMS has now become Kentico Xperience.



The old Content Management Systems is too obsolete for our new digital world. So, Kentico has decided to reform its CMS's under a new name Kentico Xperience. Right now, there will not be drastic changes in the current platform but, inthe near future we will see new updates.  

Now you must be thinking why Kentico used the word Xperience for their new brand. The answer is clear, Kentico wants to transform its Content Management System into a new Digital Xperience Platform – DXP, It is also termed as UXP- User Experience Platform or CXP – Customer Experience Platform. A DXP Platform integrates various technologies and applications like portals, Content Management, Analytics, Internet Application tools, etc.  

what are the features of kentico xperience?



It provides a user friendly platform to build modern and visually stunning websites. With the use of page builder, you can easily create pages onthe website without any technical expertise. There are also other exciting features like multilingual content generation, content centralization, ability to manage multiple websites and content reusability options.



Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most of the parts of the world is in lockdown and the only way business can reach customers is via digital marketing. So Digital Marketing has become an important aspect of almost every firms around the world. Kentico provides a different tool for Digital Marketing like E-mail Marketing Platform, Campaign Management, User Data Management, Smart forms etc.



The Internet has become affordable and widely available across the world, so time has come to open your store online. Kentico is an all in one DXP Platformand also provides e-commerce functionality. Using this Platform, you can quicklybuild a custom online store with all modern features. Add search options and filter options, design payment gateway, showcase products, automate checkout process and much more.


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The more you personalize the content, the easier it’s to sell the products. Using Kentico you can gain insight into your customers and this data can be used to send personalized ads/campaigns to the specific user. This will help you deliver the right products to your customers. Kentico also provides a tracker so you cananalyze the customer response and interaction with the website. But Kentico takes Data privacy very seriously and follow all GDPR, PII AND CCPA rules. 




The repetitive and high-volume tasks can be performed by a software or a bot, Kentico allows you to automate your marketing campaigns. You can easily automate your campaigns by just using simple drag and drop options. Automating your campaigns will help you follow the customer throughout the process. Customize your email campaigns according to your requirements and you can also you default Kentico Automation templates. 



Now it is very crucial for every business to analyze performance of campaigns, website and sales. Kentico Xperience provides all the analytics features you need to inspect and track campaigns. Kentico provides real time updates of user behavior and engagements with the marketing campaigns or website. Using the A/B testing tools you can test multiple variants of emails, web page or other marketing asset and determine which is best for your business.

summing it up

The new Kentico Xperience platform is much more than a traditional CMS, It is a digital experience platform to cater all your needs. Right now Kentico Xperience is same as Kentico CMS but soon you will see new updates and features.