How to build a Video Conferencing App like Zoom, Skype?

How to build a Video Conferencing App like Zoom, Skype?

As the future of working is going to be home and meeting people virtually, and to do so, you need a video conferencing app. You can either choose video conferencing apps like Skype, Zoom, Google Duo, etc. or you can build a customized app for your company. 

Due to this pandemic, many businesses are encouraging their employees to work from home and attend meetings online. This pandemic is a blessing in disguise for video conferencing apps as most of the companies don’t have any other option than attending virtual meetings. 

In this blog, we are going to explain how to develop a mobile app? What are the essential features to be incorporated into the app? How much will an app cost? Everything you need to know about the video conferencing app is here... 

Development of an App

 1. Planning and Research 

First, you need to get an overview of your app, it’s features, design, budget, etc. Then decide the timeline of your development and allocate all the resources. Then the most important thing is market research, you need to look at your competitors and get inspiration from them. 

2. UI/UX Design 

Now comes the design part where you make your app intuitive, user friendly, and visually stunning. If you go by the latest trends, then your app design should be minimalistic, simple, and intuitive. As video conferencing apps have many features and buttons, you need to put it carefully and make sure UI is clean.

Wireframe – Mockup – Prototype – Final Design 

3. Backend Development 

This is the most important part of video conferencing app development because, at this stage, all your functionalities will be incorporated. The backend can be developed in two ways:

1. Build the whole backend from scratch, ease of customization, and addition of unique functionalities. 

2. Use other platforms to add backend easily, but customization is difficult, but it can save a lot of time and resources. 

4. Video Streaming Integrations 

WebRTC is an important for this app as it is an open-source software that provides mobile applications with real-time communications. It offers various features, like streaming, peering, etc. So, via this integration, users can connect and exchange data with each other. 

5. Testing and Launch 

After you completed all the development of the app, it needs to test and analyzed. The testers will run the app on various platforms to check all the bugs, performance, compatibility, and functionalities. The quality analysis of the app is a vital part of the app development process.  

Finally, after passing through rigorous testing, the app can be launched on various online platforms. 

Important Features 

Let’s see what are the important features of a video conferencing app are:

1. Video and Audio calls 

This is the central part of the video conferencing app, so it must be top-notch. The video quality should be in HD, and audio quality should be crystal clear. The quality of the video/audio call should be optimized according to internet speed. You can also add virtual noise cancellation functionality on your app. 

2. Group Calls 

Now usually in a meeting or family call, more than two people are involved, so this feature must be incorporated in the app. So, you must set the limit for a group call, like 100 users in a group call maximum. Other features like inviting link, muting/unmuting user, etc. must be implemented in group calls. 

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3. Text Chat 

Zoom app contains a unique chat feature which allows the users to chat during the meeting. The chat option can be used to text a specific user. 

4. Screen Sharing 

This feature is almost on every video conferencing app, and so it a must-have feature. Using this functionality, you can share your screen with all the users, it is useful for presentation, tutorials, online workshops, etc. 

5. Virtual Hand Raising

Now during a meeting of 30 people, if 5-6 people start speaking over each other, it will be a total chaos. So virtual hand-raising functionality can be used if someone wants to talk during the call. For example, during an online class, students can use this option to answer or ask questions. 

6. Record Meeting 

Suppose if any person misses the meeting or a student misses his/her class, then there should be a feature where a person can access the offline version of the meeting. The video can be saved on the cloud so it can be accessed easily.  

7. Virtual Background  

This is quite a new feature that is loved by the users. It gives the ability to the user to use a background of their choice. Zoom call uses this feature, and it is quite useful for those who are too lazy to clean their house!!! 

8. Privacy 

Now the app should be robust and secure so that the user’s data remain safe. End to End Encryption is one of the best features to secure the app. This allows no leakage of data as the information is encrypted, and devices of the users are a final transfer point. 


The cost to develop depends on many features like native/hybrid apps, elements to be incorporated, complexity, level of coding, etc. If you want to build an app like Zoom, then it will take approximately $40,000 - $60,000. As already stated, the cost will vary with features, functionalities, and integration.  

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Due to this coronavirus epidemic, the video conferencing app market has become highly competitive, and the Zoom app has set an example for everyone. The app development is not a piece of cake, you must plan, design, develop, test, and then launch.

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