How .NET Core and Kentico Makes the Best Combination for Development?

How .NET Core and Kentico Makes the Best Combination for Development?

Recently Kentico launched its latest version Kentico 13 and it will no longer support portal engines.  From now onwards all the new Kentico website will be developed on MVC or .NET Core.   

Portal Engines has many disadvantages like it’s is an old technology, harder to upgrade and maintain, poor performance and web forms framework is now outdated, developers are now focusing on new technologies like MVC or .NET Core. 

In this blog let’s see what is .NET Core? Why Kentico has chosen .NET Core? Is .NET Core better than MVC? So here are all the answers...... 

What is .NET Core? 

.NET Core is an open-source framework for Windows, Linux and MacOS. .NET Core framework is the successor of .NET Framework and used to build different software applications like websites, mobile apps, cloud computing, IoT and other custom software.  

History of .NET Core 


Salient features of .NET Core 

.NET Core is the modern and cross platform version of the .NET Framework. The latest version .NET 5 was released in November 2020 and several new features have been added to it. Let’s see what are the most important features in .NET Core framework. 

1. Open-Source Framework 

It’s a free and open-source platform and developers can easily access source code from GitHub. .NET Foundation a nonprofit organization manages all the frameworks of .NET. 

2. Cross Platform Development 

.NET Core platform is highly versatile, and it supports & runs on Windows, macOS and Linux systems. It is also compatible on multiple platforms like x64, x86 and ARM. 

3. Code Reusability 

Code written in .NET Core, can be imported and used on different platforms seamlessly. The same code is consistent across all the .NET applications thus it is faster and easier to develop on .NET Core. 

4. Modern Technology 

.NET Core is a modern platform to develop cutting-edge software development applications. It can be used to build top notch mobile apps, IoT applications, responsive websites, games and other software applications. 

5. High performance  

.NET Core is fast and lightweight. It can easily handle heavy and high-performance software applications. It also supports multiple frameworks/libraries like Angular, JavaScript and React.  

Kentico Xperience and .NET Core 

Kentico Xperience is a CMS cum Digital Experience platform to manage the content of your website. It has many unique features like content management, online marketing, E- Commerce, Automation, etc. 

Old Kentico websites were built on portal engines (Web Forms) but now Kentico is focusing on modern technologies like MVC and .NET Core. MVC Technology was first introduced in Kentico 9 and .NET Core was introduced in the latest version Kentico 13.  

ASPX (Active server pages) - Portal Pages – MVC – Dot Net Core 

Kentico MVC Transition 


Advantages of .NET Core over Portal Pages 

1. Same code can be reused to build multiple applications. 

2. .NET Core allows integrating multiple applications like Angular, jQuery and JSON. 

3. Compatible with multiple devices and platforms 

4. Ease of customization and upgradation 

5. High performance and easier maintenance 

Kentico ASP.NET vs ASP.NET Core 

If you are using the Kentico 13 to build a website, then you can choose between ASP.NET MVC 5 or ASP.NET Core.   

So, let’s compare ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core :



  • It’s is built for Windows 
  • It’s built for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, etc. 
  • It supports Webform, MVC and WebAPI 
  • It supports web pages in .Net Core, MVC and WebAPI 
  • It supports C#, VB, WPF, WCF and WF 
  • It supports C#, F# and VB 
  • Performance Rank – 5/10 
  • Performance Rank – 9/10 
  • Recompilation after code change 
  • No need to recompile after code change 


MVC to .NET Core Upgradation 

Now you can migrate your Kentico websites from ASP.NET MVC 5 to ASP.NET Core. Kentico has made a complete guide for developers so they can easily transition websites on MVC 5 to .NET Core.  


Kentico 13 has brought an end to portal engines (Web Forms), it will now support the new technologies ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC. So, from 2021 all the websites will be developed on either .NET Core or MVC.  

If you are still using old web forms (Portal Engines pages) then we highly recommend that you upgrade your current website to Kentico Xperience 13. Zenesys is proud to be a Kentico Gold Partner and we can help you optimize and upgrade your Kentico website. 

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