Top 10 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Cross Platform Development

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Xamarin for Cross Platform Development

Xamarin is an open source for cross platform app development based on .NET Framework and C#. This platform is owned and managed by Microsoft. Xamarin helps in the development of an app for different mobile operating systems like Android, iOS etc.  

Cross platforms app development technology makes the app development process easy and simple. Xamarin helps in faster development of mobile apps for various operating systems. In this article we will see why you should choose the Xamarin platform for your next app development project.  

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Xamarin Platform

1. It is Quite Easy & Convenient to Build on Xamarin 

Compared to other platforms it is quite easy for developers to build apps on Xamarin. The C# and .NET framework are reliable for development of apps for all mobile platforms. Cross Platforms apps built on Xamarin are also easy to manage and update the app, since the source file can be easily updated. Xamarin app is built using a single language C#, thus cross platforms implementation can be handled easily.  

2. Native like Performance 

Unlike another cross-platform development, you can build robust native apps using Xamarin. The developers can have full access to native APIs, native UI, SDKs so you can develop custom apps according to individual platforms requirements.  

3. Code Reusability 

Since Xamarin uses single programming language C# for app development thus it is easy to reuse the code for other apps. Xamarin is an open source code, so developers can reuse the code in app development. 

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4. High Performance 

Xamarin platform has high quality design and development tools. Using Microsoft Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio visually stunning and intuitive User Interfaces can be designed. Xamarin ties up the APIs and SDKs of different platforms to develop high quality apps. 

5. Safe and Secure 

Apps built on Xamarin are safe and secure as various elements are hosted on the cloud (Azure). The Azure comes with highly secure HTTP Certificates so, there is a secure connection between apps and cloud data. 

6. It Takes Less Time to Build an App 

Development of a native app is a time-consuming operation but using Xamarin platform developer hours can surely be reduced as code can be shared across different platforms and thus it takes less time to build an application on Xamarin. Forms can be utilized for creating apps by using rapid prototyping.  

7. Great Flexibility 

Xamarin is an open source platform, so the code cab ne easily changed according to your requirements. There is flexibility in choosing different elements for app development. You also have unrestricted access to native APIs, so you can create apps with platform specific experiences. Xamarin Test Cloud allows you to automatically test your android or iOS app on multiple devices. 

8. Less Maintenance 

It’s is much easy to update and maintain apps build on the Xamarin platform. The best way is to make changes in the source file and the change will be reflected in all the apps. You don’t need to make separate changes for each of your apps and it also saves precious developer hours. Xamarin only takes 1-3 days to update the latest Android and iOS features. 

9. Advantage of C#  

Xamarin apps are built using a single language – C#, this helps is hassle free implements of code on all the apps. The app development done using Objective-C, Swift or Java, the same can be done using C#.  

10. Support 

Xamarin Insights gives real time information about your app while it’s running on user’s devices. It is used to analyze the performance of the app and thus enhance the user experience. Xamarin + Azure Cloud provides a secure and stable environment to develop an app. There are also various forums and support pages with large community of developers. 


Xamarin is definitely one of the best platforms for native or hybrid app development. Xamarin is very popular among developers and Xamarin is used by almost 1.5 million developers around the world. In future you will more updates and improvements in the Xamarin Platform. 

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