ChatGPT AI: All you Need to Know About the Future Generation Chatbot

Mar 14, 2023 Somendra Yadav MOBILE Views : 1513
How many times have you used google assistant? Some may say “almost every day!!” Yes, that’s how common chatbots are nowadays. Statistics say that at some time, 80% of individuals have engaged with a chatbot. You can find more chatbot statistics here

You just need to call up your chatbot by name and that’s it. While most of us are familiar with chatbots like Google Assistant or Alexa, one may be unaware of ChatGPT. Let’s explore more about this software in this article.

Well, what is ChatGPT?

The powerful AI bot ChatGPT was created by the artificial intelligence app development company called OpenAI. The company launched its product on 30th November 2022. Consequently, they received 18 million visits in that month. 

The Chat Generic Pre-Trained Transformer is known as ChatGPT. It is a potent AI bot that can comprehend human speech and produce in-depth literature that humans can grasp. The intriguing part of ChatGPT is the question-and-answer format.

With its distinctive ability to respond to inquiries from the public, the artificial intelligence app development company, OpenAI's ChatGPT has captured the interest of the whole globe. Many have been curious about ChatGPT and how to utilize it due to its variety of purposes.

Working Process of ChatGPT

The language model was enhanced using a learning algorithm as well as reinforcement learning. What makes ChatGPT, particularly distinctive is the mobile app development of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

OpenAI, a startup that is an artificial intelligence app development company, claims that human AI trainers utilized RLHF to feed the model with conversations in which they served as both the user and the AI assistants. The company also says that ChatGPT is enhanced from a model in the GPT-3.5 series, from which ChatGPT is enhanced.

Use ChatGPT

If you are unfamiliar with the software, definitely you need a how-to guide. Don’t worry, here’s a step-by-step process that you can follow to use the product of this app development company:

  • Sign up for an OpenAI account

Visit to create an account. You may also use a Google or Microsoft account if you like. This is as simple as signing up for an amazon account. You will not end up spending a lot of time on this.

  • Terms and conditions of ChatGPT 

ChatGPT needs you to read the terms and conditions carefully, just as any other company would ask you to do. Once you are done, you simply need to accept the terms and conditions. Click Done when you reach the final one.

  • Get started with Writing

Now that you know how to access and log in to ChatGPT, it's time to utilize it. Whatever vexing issues you may have, ask the language model, and see what kind of replies you get. 

The text area at the bottom of the page is now open for you to enter any of your ChatGPT instructions, and then press Enter to send them. The AI chatbot will next write text to appropriately reply to your recommendations. 

  • Accuracy & Workflow 

ChatGPT users will often receive the same response when asking the same question. There could be a few minor word changes, but mostly they will be the same. The issue is that for this to occur, many different people's inquiries must all be worded similarly. 

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Asking ChatGPT the same question the article or essay was based on may assist someone find out whether an article was produced by ChatGPT or if a professor wanted to determine whether a student used the language model. Also, compared to human authors, ChatGPT tends to produce more courteous text. 

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Pros & Cons of ChatGPT

  ChatGPT Pros ChatGPT Cons
1. ChatGPT helps not only to write codes but also to process and debug them. For instance, it might be used to do SQL queries. Utilizing ChatGPT to develop you're SQL skills will help you progress professionally since data scientists need to comprehend SQL. Like many AI models, ChatGPT's training data has some restrictions. In reality, when trained on data from underrepresented groups, these AI technology has demonstrated prejudice.
2. ChatGPT may be used to generate content since it can swiftly write text in response to a prompt. As an example, the AI tool may produce a song in response to a request from a person. Also, the app development company made AI technology to assist users in achieving their literary objectives. ChatGPT, a large language model, is continuously trained to increase answer precision. Since the technology is not mature enough, it hasn’t got the time to evolve. AI chatbots may therefore give inaccurate information as a result.
3. Due to its difficulty in handling, and organizing, and sorting, unstructured data is redundant. By employing data manipulation to transform unorganized data into organized info, the software offers assistance. Operating ChatGPT costs a lot of money. As ChatGPT is a free service, there are already numerous questions being raised regarding how durable the technology will be.

ChatGPT & AI

You may be most familiar with chatbots through your interactions with any customer care representative over text, which is frequently a chatbot. Chatbots have been around for decades. But after all, that also is a kind of AI right? So do ChatGPT and all chatbots use the same kind of AI? If yes, then how ChatGPT is different?
Well, not all chatbots employ AI the way ChatGPT does. For instance, If you notify a non-AI chatbot that a package was marked as delivered, but you haven't received it, it might suggest that you check the front door. Several other chatbots, such the ChatGPT, employ rather complex AI. It and I spoke for thirty minutes about my pet.

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Conclusion: The Way forward

In this blog, we’ve covered the overview as well as the working process of ChatGPT. We’ve also got a decent idea about the artificial intelligence app development company called OpenAI. Moreover, we’ve seen the advantages and disadvantages of the software. There has never been anything like ChatGPT in the history of AI, but there is still a long way to go before it can rival the human intellect.

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