How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Ecommerce App?

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Cost To Develop An Ecommerce App
Are you looking up to develop an e-commerce app like Amazon and eBay that stand your business to outperform the competition? 

Undoubtedly, they are predominantly ruling the world of the E-commerce landscape and motivating many Startups to set for E-commerce ecosystem to discover new revenue-generating opportunities.

You might be surprised that E-commerce applications have 600+ million users and are expected to rise by $243 trillion by 2025. 

But one question continuously buzzing your mind is, "What will be the E-commerce app development cost?"  
Well, a magnitude of factors must be considered while calculating the E-commerce app development cost. In order to evaluate the exact cost of developing an E-commerce app, you must comprehend many factors. It includes app go-to-have and advanced features such as technology stack, feature-rich functionalities, payment method, resources, business model, and development team organization. 

Many features that drive the cost of an e-commerce app

Here is the list of the intuitive features 


  1. A simple registration process 

  2. Booking calendar 

  3. In-app camera 

  4. My cart 

  5. Activity or news feed 

  6. Intercom support 

  7. Crash reporting 

  8. Product management


  1. Statistics with Google Analytics 

  2. Seamless synchronization between website & business app. 

  3. Real-time order tracking 

  4. Connect to third-party API 

  5. Easy checkout 

  6. Help center 


  1. Universal linking 

  2. Payment gateway integration  

  3. Social media integration 

  4. Secure data travel 

  5. Augmented reality view 

  6. Legal information sections 

  7. Personalized suggestions 

  8. Multiple languages 

  9. Role-Based Dashboard 


  1. Customer reviews and ratings. 

  2. Push notifications to update users on new offers 

  3. Notification section for a quick check. 

  4. Offering coupons leveraging ping, invite & earn feature. 

  5. UI/ UX design 

Intuitive Benefits Of The E-commerce Mobile App For Your Business

Before discussing the online shopping app development cost, let's dwell on the profound e-commerce benefits-


It helps businesses connect directly with the target audience effectively. In other words, they act as a bridge between brands and customers to make them aware of their products and services.


By leveraging the power of e-commerce, mobile app companies can accumulate relevant user data based on their behavioral patterns. It helps them understand what their customer is looking for, and in turn, they promote the specific offers and services to the users with precise targeting.


Don't you think connecting with your favorite brand at your fingertips is great? E-Commerce apps keep actively interacting with the users and help them with the best prompt customer service.


E-Commerce apps have a notification feature that enables them to notify their registered users regarding the offers or discounts on their services and products. Hence, it works as an incredible channel to market your business and strive for progress.

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Significant factors influencing the e-commerce app development cost

Many factors are responsible for developing a robust, scalable, and mobile-friendly E-commerce app. Many aspects influence the online shopping app development cost, but primarily, it depends on the type of application you require to thrive in the competitive marketplace. 

Let's dwell on the primary factors responsible for impacting the mobile app cost. 


Your app's layout and icon design should be attractive enough to make it appealing and captivating to keep your customers sticking with your app. Modern technology's rapid adaptation helps enhance the entire aesthetics and coding standards.  

The size of your app depends on the number of integrated features. If you leverage the fewer features, then the size of your app should be smaller and vice versa. Therefore, the overall cost gets impacted if you want to add advanced features and functionalities. 

Cost estimation: Range from $2000 to $30,000 


To estimate the E-commerce app development cost, you must select the app platform to reach your user base. Are you thinking about which platform you need to leverage? You have to understand your user base and research market insights, and based on that; you can select the platform with the optimal benefits for your company in the long run. 

Android has been winning the app platform game compared to iOS and windows. If you look at the profit margins, the margins are high. If you consider the statistics, the customer base of Android is more. But when it comes to Android app cost, it takes more time for development, along with it needs to be tested on various devices. When deciding on the app platform, you need to consider these points to get the best solution. 


The design and functionalities are vital in grabbing your potential audience's attention. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing and pay attention to every feature and precise detail. Additionally, it includes cutting-edge technology and numerous components to make the design more compelling.  

If you want the app to support diverse versions of the operating system, naturally, the cost goes up. Moreover, your design also revolves around the type of platform you leverage for your app, namely the Play Store App Store. 

App design cost Estimation: $2,000 to $35,000 


Wireframing is a visual architecture that is useful for crafting the application layout. To build an app from scratch, a mobile app development company in the USA tends to experiment with several wireframes to discover the best one. In the map layout, multiple page design and physical makeup need to be done. The price depends on the number of pages and the complication of an app. 

Wireframe cost Estimation: $500 to $1500 


Most of the time, businesses do not consider the maintenance cost, but it needs to be included when planning to develop your mobile app. The Android or iOS requires frequent updates, contributing to the E-Commerce app development cost. 

Maintenance cost Estimation: 20% to 30% of initial development cost 


The cost of the developer depends on various factors, including 

  1. Hourly rate 

  2. App developer experience 

  3. Developer location 

  4. Development Company 

Along with the developer cost, you also need to include the cost of the QA manager and app designer. Therefore, instead of selecting an individual, it is always preferred to choose a professional team. 

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The overall E-commerce app development cost depends on many factors. Let’s look in the tabular format to get a fair estimation.  



1) Size and design cost 

$2000 to $30,000 

2) App platform: Windows, iOS, or Android 

Depends on platform 

3) App design cost 

$2,000 to $35,000 

4) Wireframe cost 

$500 to $1500 

5) Maintenance cost 

20-30% of the initial development cost 

6) Developer cost 

Depends on developer experience, hourly rate, location, etc. 

7) Other factors 

a) General and advanced features

b) Tech stack- frontend/ backend, Webserver, Database, CRM, payment gateway, storage, etc. 

c) E-commerce business type- B2B, B2C, & C2C 

After deciding all factors, the cost will be estimated. 

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