App Development using React Native

React Native is based on JavaScript framework developed by the engineers at Facebook and quickly gained a lot of popularity among software engineers. It helps us to build native applications and delivering a real native user interface, allowing reuse of code across multiple platforms. React Native code can be used for both iOS and Android apps that saves a lot of development time, and hence project cost. In the react native, you don't need to compile the code again and again, instead of recompiling, simply reload the App. React natively is capable of incorporating the elements Java and Swift.

Benefits of React Native

Reactive Native is one of the most popular cross-app development platforms and allows you to build mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Let’s see some advantages of React Native Platform.


Rapid Development

React Native has a rich ecosystem and vast library that allows building apps for multiple platforms simultaneously, thus decreasing development time considerably.


Code Reusability

With React Native you can build app components using the same code base. Code can be easily reused and redeployed to build other mobile applications.


Cross-Platform Support

React Native APIs are cross-platform that empowers developers to build truly native mobile apps for both iOS and Android by keeping a single code base.


Open Source

React Native is an open source framework that reduces development cost for React Native Development Company.


Robust Framework

React Native uses JavaScript Components to create apps for Android or iOS Platforms. Live reloading allows developers visualize changes made in the entire app.


Global Community

React Native App is 14th most starred repository on GitHub, and it is backed by Tech giant Facebook. It has a large and active community that offers all the help you need.

Our React Native
App Development Services

Are you looking to build a custom app for your business or hire React Native Developers? We can surely help you. Zenesys provides a broad range of React Native app development services.

Full Cycle Product Development

From Planning to Development, Zenesys offers a complete solution to all your business needs. We transform a business idea into reality. Our React Native experts will take care of all your requirements and deliver a top-notch app for your business.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Are you looking to build a concept app with a minimum budget? We can help you develop an MVP for your business. MVP is a version of a product with just basic features to attract early adopters who can give valuable feedback for future product development.

Maintenance and Support

App development process doesn’t end after launch, your app needs to be continuously updated and optimized. Zenesys provides support and maintenance services, so that your app always runs smoothly.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Zenesys has inhouse team of experienced developers who specialize in React Native App development. Hire developers as per your needs, you may choose to hire on hourly, part-time or full-time basis.

Industries we serve

Zenesys offers a complete solution to all your React Native Development needs. Zenesys' React Native experts are well wersed in developing a custom app for your business. We are providing app development services for the following verticals:



Social Networking

Travel and Tourism

Banking and Finance