The Expert guide: why Kentico is far better choice than Sitecore?

Feb 20, 2024 Somendra Yadav Views : 1612
why Kentico is far better choice than Sitecore?

There is no denying that the two most popular systems in the CMS world are Kentico and Sitecore.

It might be tempting to know which content management system is a champion and will work best for your business.

Eager to know! Right?

So, let's dive deep into knowing more about it

  • Kentico has an incredible rating of 4.4 stars based on 197 reviews, while Sitecore has 4.1 stars based on 177 reviews. (Gartner Peer insights)
  • Kentico, a leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, was acknowledged as the "voice of customers" in 2022 Gartner peer insights.

Now look at some of the user experience statistics (a survey by G2) when it comes to knowing about —Xperience by Kentico services and Sitecore.

Metrics Kentico Sitecore
Recommendation Rate The 92% users are satisfied with Kentico and would recommend it to others. While Sitecore would recommend to 80%.
Ease of use When it comes to user-friendly features and interface, Kentico received an 8.3 rating out of 10. While Sitecore receives 6.8 out of 10.
Direction satisfaction rate  It got 98%, which means that Kentico is going in the right direction. While Sitecore receives 90%.
User Satisfaction Users gain a more positive experience as it receives an 85% user satisfaction rate. On the contrary, it receives 50%.
Quality of support & its rate Kentico has an 8.7 rating out of 10 with a 91% satisfaction rate. Sitecore receives a 7 rating out of 10 with a 71% satisfaction rate.
Ease of setup satisfaction It has a more user-friendly and smoother setup with an 83% satisfaction rate. It lags behind with only a satisfaction rate of 54%

Many other factors are there that suggest how Kentico is an effective Sitecore alternative, which we will discuss later. But before that, let’s look at the fundamentals and know more about both CMS systems.

Before we move forward—What is Kentico?

Kentico is an award-winning and leading provider when it comes to digital experience platforms. It effectively combines the potential of digital marketing content management and commerce. What's more? It is not only available in the on-premise or cloud, but it also delivers easy-to-use solutions that will work well for modern websites.

Whether it may be a personalized experience, ease of use, backed by market-leading support, or seamless integration with diverse technologies stack or with cost-effectiveness—Kentico capabilities have no match!

So, if you are thinking to opt for Kentico, Zenesys Kentico CMS Development Services will transform your dream project into reality!

7 Compelling reasons why Kentico is superior to Sitecore

A multitude of differences suggest that utilizing Kentico for your project never disappoints you and ensures that your business receives top-notch solutions. Let's quickly deep dive into it and know the reasons— they will definitely blow your mind.



1. Lower total cost of ownership: transparent pricing

You might be shocked to know that Kentico pricing starts from USD 11,100 per year, while for the Sitecore project, you need to spend USD 100,000. 

Don't you think the cost is too high? Maybe you are wondering why the price is high; perhaps it provides more features and functionalities that Kentico is not able to do.

But let us tell you that Sitecore pricing is often unpredictable as it works on individual price calculations. In other words, for page views, environment and number of users— you have to pay accordingly; it means if the page views, number of users, etc., shoot up, the cost may increase considerably.

But when it comes to Xperience by Kentico services, thankfully, you will enjoy an unlimited number of page views, users, languages, emails, 24/7 support etc., all-inclusive in the above pricing. (no hidden cost—transparent pricing). Also, it has quite low licensing cost as compared to Sitecore CMS.

And frankly speaking, every business wants to avail the best services at affordable prices. 

So, Kentico becomes the hero CMS of the business when it comes to cost-effectiveness with quality services.

2. Users prefer Kentico: They love how Kentico meet their expectations!

A business becomes successful if it knows what the customer wants. 

For any business, customers are and will be the king.    

Kentico continually focuses on improvising its product from the feedback it gets from its customers. The reality is they are heading in the right direction!

It not only enhances its products but also offers affordable training, which ensures that everyone in the organization can deliver the best output.

Nowadays, statistics speak louder than mere words. And this holds extremely true in this case as well.

  • It might be surprising to know that 92% of users stated that they would recommend Kentico, while 80% recommended site core users.
  • When it comes to ease of use, Kentico got an 8.3 rating out of 10. On the contrary, the site core was just 6.8.

So, are you ready to kickstart your Kentico CMS journey? Hire Kentico developers from us and watch your digital success soar in the competitive ecosystem.

3. Fantastic value: price ratio: quickly pays for itself

When you choose Kentico for your business, it will give you a speedy return on your investment.

It has a multitude of features that offer you the capability to extend its functionalities when needed and boost conversion rates across various channels.

The significant features of a Kentico are quick implementation time, easy extendibility, cost-effective training, and more.

On the other hand, Sitecore is unable to offer a fantastic value-price ratio in comparison to Kentico.

4. Ease of setup & implementation: faster time-to-market

One of the intuitive benefits that Kentico give is its inherent simplicity and seamless implementation. There is no that it can be implemented quickly without any intricate hiccups. Kentico implementation starts at 3 to 4 months, depending entirely on the project's complexities.

On the contrary, the implementation of Sitecore requires in-depth technical skills, and often, they are quite complex, which will ultimately enhance the implementation time and cost and 'not-so-quick' time-to-market.

According to G2, the user satisfaction rating for Xperience by Kentico services is 84%; on the other hand, Sitecore only received 54%.

5. Incredible support and quality: unlimited 24/7 support

This is one of the crucial reasons why businesses prefer Kentico is due to their detailed documentation, professional training, unlimited 24/7 life chat, incredible email support and 7-day bug fix policy.

On the contrary, when it comes to support, it is frequently mentioned that the downside of Sitecore is that their standard support is not very comprehensive, and for better support, they charge a fee.

6. Ready-to-use features: increase user adoption

Kentico has ready-to-use features, and all its features are native to Kentico, which means that all the features are built and supported by Kentico's in-house team.

On the other hand, Sitecore also has a bunch of features, but some of them are acquired from third parties. Also, the cost that you pay for a vast range of Sitecore features -many of them may never use it. Additionally, the third-party acquiring features when collaborating with Sitecore do not provide the seamless experience given by Kentico.

So, if you want to leverage the full-fledged capabilities of Kentico features, hire Kentico developers from us who seamlessly integrate Kentico features with your system.

7. Highly flexible and scalable: top-notch performance

Due to the evolving business requirements, business content or marketing needs will change constantly. To cope with those evolving needs, Kentico is a very flexible solution as it provides the business option of extending with third-party technology as required.

Anything else? It also embraces a cloud-first mindset and provides a digital experience platform, which makes it extensively scalable and flexible.

On the other side, Sitecore is a cloud-based solution, but it is not a full-fledged solution as it is curated with multiple heterogeneous solutions.

Kentico is great; why not Sitecore? 

As you have seen so many benefits of Kentico, it is also crucial to know why you should not opt for Sitecore as your leading solution.

There is a magnitude of factors that suggest that Sitecore is not a so-great service for your business if you are looking for sustainable growth and success.

So, let's look at some of the reasons why you should not opt for Sitecore.

Reason 1: For both development and run time, if you want to incorporate Sitecore, then it usually requires heavy infrastructure, which can incredibly shoot up your operational cost. And surprisingly, this is not included in the initial quote (like data storage, servers, rolls, and services)

Reason 2: When you want to incorporate Sitecore, it really requires a bunch of resources and configuration, which can be challenging to manage and deploy. Not only this but if you do, the upgrade procedures are quite painful.

Reason 3: Product complexity has no comparison. You will get very few experienced partners who can effectively manage the Sitecore features and functionalities at full scale, and it will be challenging to support your business in an appropriate manner.

Reason 4: This is one of the other reasons why businesses don't want to rely on Sitecore, as the integrations with vendors are not that extensive in other integrated solutions, and fraud management and payment gateways are minimal.

Reason 5: Due to its lengthy coding and deployment process that requires utilizing the site core, it is also not easy. That's why clients need to pay to build their own accelerators to avoid this tedious process.



Already on Sitecore: Migration is your way!

Many businesses who opted for Sitecore are reluctant to take it a step further. 

They wanted to look for a perfect switch. 

Here comes the Kentico— it's straightforward and easy implementation, short time-to-market, quick training and ready-to-use features and most importantly— lower cost of ownership and license cost.

And the easy solution is—"migrated from Sitecore to Kentico”!

Are you seeking help with seamless migration? Zenesys Kentico CMS development services provide top-notch Sitecore migration so that your business can harness the comprehensive capabilities of Kentico.