the ultimate guide to hyperautomation

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As a business of value, it becomes imperative to improve the lives of your employees for increased results and better productivity. The world has been using automation for quite a few years now, but with the everyday changing technology and advancements, it has become imperious to start adapting to hyperautomation. 

The new era of automation is here with hyperautomation, and smart businesses throughout the world have started to bend in the direction. But what exactly is hyper automation and what are the reasons business users should turn towards it? 

This article, ‘Hyperautomation – a complete guide’ will help you in better understanding this new and emerging technology by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Here are some of the things you will discover in the article ahead: 

→ What is Hyperautomation? 

→ How does Hyperautomation Work? 

→ How does Hyperautomation Benefits Business Users? 

→ Transform your Business with Hyperautomation

what is hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation, in simple terms, is an expansion of automation. Multiple complementary components are combined to move from tactical automation to hyperautomation. 

At the very core of hyperautomation is RPA or Robotic Process Automation. To the mixture is added analytics, process mining, NLP or Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Low-code application platforms and BPM or Business Process Management suites are also a part of the compound. When such advanced and high-class technologies come together, space is created that allows previously manual tasks to become automated.  

The goal, you ask? Hyperautomation aims at improving the efficiency and the productivity of businesses. 

Hyperautomation will prove to be beneficial for the customer as well as the employee, both of which will are directly proportional to the employer (business) being the beneficiary ultimately. 

Gartner also referred hyperautomation to be a trend that is ‘people centric.’ 

how does hyperautomation work?

Here is the perfect sum conclusion of what hyperautomation is: 

Hyperautomation = Intelligent Process Discovery + Robotic Process Automation + Analytics & Insights + Intelligent Document Processing 

Keeping in mind the above summation, here are some of the factors that wonderfully depict the nature of how hyperautomation works. 


Bots gather data which is then used by hyperautomation analytics. Self-monitoring and self-measuring are embedded deep in Bot Insight. Each bot gathers data along their path of work and then the entire piece of accumulated knowledge is then sent over to hyperautomation analytics to uncover what’s next and what’s meaningful.  


Unstructured information is extracted, captured, and classified when IQ Bot transports intelligent document processing with multiple cognitive technologies like OCR or optical characters recognition, ML or machine learning, computer vision, and fuzzy logic. Adaptable and flexible Digital Workers are created by IQ Bots which hold the potential to learn while working. 


The pace of automation can be augmented to 5x as bots are automatically created using AI. Automation can go a notch higher for every step of work throughout the business processes when hyperautomation is inculcated as a part of it. 

enterprise rpa or robotic process autoamtion



RPA tools shares similar digital skills as humans when it comes to executing process tasks in any application and environment. Structured business processes are flawlessly executed by RPA software robots. They help employees in focusing on what’s more imperative. 

Now that it is sorted, let’s get to one question that holds a lot of weightage, how does Hyperautomation benefits business users! 

how does hyperautomation benefits business users?

If you want to see the significant impact that automation has on your digital transformation, then it’s better to start today and start with the best - hyperautomation. Your long-term automation goals become clearer and lead to more success when hyperautomation is an exclusive part of your business running. 

As a business user, you will be able to discover more, perform more, and analyse more, all of which will directly lead you to profit more. 

Here are some of the ways in which hyperautomation benefits business users: 


→ The humans of a company come together to team up more effectively. The process of transformation becomes the point where everyone including business analysts, subject matter experts, and remaining business users gets to contribute for an added impact. 

→ Hyperautomation technologies enable robots as well as humans to get streamlined to work effectively and efficiently. They two can join forces to automate long running and endwise business processes starting from simple ones to the most complex ones. 

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→ The growing AI technologies give employees across the business process the added power to identify and automate any process they feel worthy of.  

→ Tools that are easy to integrate and are flexible can be leveraged by business users. From processes that are running and long to those are that smaller in scope, automation of either and all is possible. 

→ From the very primary steps of the process discovery to later ones like measuring the ROI (return on investment) on a large scale, anything can be achieved with the rightful inculcation of automation by employees and business users.  

But this is not the end. There are many more reasons why hyperautomation has become a staple in businesses across the globe. 

transform your business with hyperautomation 

Manjunath Bhat, the Research Director at Gartner said, “robots aren’t here to take away our jobs, they’re here to give us a promotion.” 

Your business is only as effective as your practices and how well you execute them. When you, as a business, start to utilise your employees’ skills and time to the utmost efficiency, then you will be able to earn additional profits. 

With hyperautomation, the prospect isn’t far and becomes much more achievable. Switch to hyperautomation now!