top 10 best rpa use cases in 2022

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In one of our previous blogs, we gave you a glimpse into How RPA can grow your business. Let's take things further and help you better understand some of the best ways in which RPA or Robotic Process Automation can transform your organization, we bring to you 10 best RPA use cases in 2022. While RPA tools can be  used to automate almost all structured manual processes, here is a list curated by our experts consisting some of the most common RPA use cases: 

1. data migration

The main purpose of automation is to eliminate human involvement in the repetitive manual process.  

Many companies still use legacy systems for their critical functions. Legacy billing system is an example of such system, lacking ability to pull data from API. Organizations ends up manually feeding data using csv files or other formats on the regular basis, thus making it a potential candidate for process automation. 

2. extracting data

Robotic Process Automation can help reduce efforts on jobs like extracting data from scanned documents, PDFs and any other format. 

Technologies such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition), screen scraping, and other basic pattern recognition tools have transformed the way organizations go about the usual task of extracting data. The need to key in data every time has been cut short significantly with robotic process automation.  

3. report generation and dissemination

Keeping a track of the progress is an integral part of every organization, especially on the managerial level. However, the tedious task of analyzing the changes, preparing a report, and then sending them over generally falls on the shoulder of an employee, something that is completely avoidable. 

Implementation of RPA, an organization can automate periodic reporting, minimizing the possibilities of error and maximizing the efficiency of the employee elsewhere. The data will be analyzed automatically, reports will be prepared and even sent over to the relevant stakeholders without any human meddling. 

4. generating mass emails

Manually producing mass emails depending on data from myriad of systems can prove to be a painful procedure for any company. And what adds to the dreariness is if these are required to be sent frequently. 

Hence, robotic process automation comes around as a helping hand to such organizations. 

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5. updating crm 

What tops the list of the tasks that are super necessary and yet are exceptionally time consuming and unproductive? Updating CRM! Why is it necessary you ask? Because CRM act must act as the source of reality about customer interactions. 

You will find an emerging class of solutions allowing organizations to integrate their calls, emails, and all other communication data to CRM. And the best part is that if nothing existing suits you, you can simply write up your bot! 

6. automating multi-steps tasks

Every organization has an abundance of multi-step complex tasks that require little to no decision making. Such responsibilities require the customer service representative to perform several such multi-step tasks, most of which do not even require any human judgement.  

Robotic Process Automation can prove to be a boon for organizations facing similar circumstances.  

7. regular diagnostics

When multiple people complain about the same thing, it becomes pretty hard to hear and is the kind of thing which is unstoppable when a system has a catastrophic failure. When a team moves in to solve the problem, they face other issues like answering all of their colleagues’ calls asking about the when’s and why’s related to the failure. 

Automatic bots help in putting the tech support team one step ahead of everyone else via regular diagnostic work. With regular diagnosis, it becomes easier for it to detect possible faults and failures before it causes any trouble for regular users. Thus, increasing user satisfaction and saving time of all the support personnel.  

8. test automation

Testing from the user’s perspective is an otherwise manually performed task. However, it can be automated with the aid of UiPath. Automated tests which are created with UiPath Developement Services also holds the capability to test backend processes. 

Hence, companies will be dually benefited when they adopt automation in their day to day working. 

9. generating and reconciling invoices

 Outsourcing has become a common part of many businesses throughout the globe. Hence, month-end calls for these IT outsourcing companies to generate invoices for their customers. While a CRM billing module or any such similar accounting system is used to send invoices, the information about holidays and resource’s attendance data is available only with the HR.  

Thus, a similar process is repeated is every month on a manual front. This process of generating and reconciling monthly IT resource invoices with HR and the time logging system can be cut short with automation. 

10. payroll

Payroll Management goes out every month and counts as one of the most time-consuming tasks of every HR team.  Organizations that work on multiple tier and multi-office systems have it way tougher. With this kind of workload, inaccuracy can occur and affect the payroll. 

RPA can simplify the task by keeping a track of each employee individually, registering their timesheet, deductions, load earnings, and other factors.  


While we have already established in our previous related blog about how RPA or Robotic Process Automation can help bring a wave of change in organizations, these 10 Best RPA use cases in 2022 have cemented what we are talking about. 

There are a lot of new and better ways in which automation can become an integral and supportive part of every organization. Automation is the technology for tomorrow and your organization can undoubtedly benefit from it too. 

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