what is nft? how do nfts work?

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NFTs have taken over the gaming and art space by storm, and there's no sign of fading as we head in 2022. Whether you believe they're a speculative trend or a brand-new opportunity for various artists, NFTs continue to make space in the headlines when they trade for millions of dollars.  

But what is the hype around NFTs? From what are NFTs, how do they work, NFT stocks, how are they traded to the entire controversy built around them, we have embraced all the core details of NFTs in this helpful guide?

Let's dive in to understand NFT investing in detail.

what are nfts?

NFT - Non-fungible token is a digital asset portraying real-world objects such as videos, music, art, in-game items, and even memes. You can purchase and sell NFT online, more often with cryptocurrency. Besides, the similar underlying software used in cryptos encodes them. What are NFTs

The term "non-fungible" defines that every token is unique, and you cannot exchange it for something similar. You can exchange any fungible item with an equivalent item, for example, a $10 bill with another $10 bill. Recently, Twitter's founder Jake Dorsey converted his tweet into an NFT sold for $2.9 million. This tweet is unique, and no other NFT would be the same, which is where non-fungible begins to make sense.  

They are just like any other item of a collector, such as a classic action figure or a painting; however, rather than purchasing a tangible thing, you will pay for a file and proof that you possess the original copy. 

how do nfts work?

NFTs ownership and unique identity can be verified through a blockchain ledger. Initially, Ethereum blockchain released NFT; however, other blockchains like Bitcoin Cash and FLOW are supporting them.  
Whether the original file is a GIF, JPG, MP3, or any other thing, the NFT that you possess showing uniqueness can be purchased and sold the same way as any other art. If a physical art needs to be sold, the price is fixed by the NFT marketplace demand.  
If you visit an art gallery, you'd see numerous replicated prints of it, so NFTs work similarly. You'd find some valid blockchain components, yet they wouldn't possess the exact value as the original one. NFTs arrive with a license to the digital asset it belongs to; however, this doesn't immediately grant copyright ownership. The copyright owner would recreate work, and the NFT owner gets no royalties on it. 

where can you trade nfts?

Don't mislead yourself by believing that you can hack the system by just right-clicking and saving a specific NFT image. That won't take you anywhere or make you a millionaire. This is because you have just downloaded a file, and it won't possess the information that includes it in the blockchain space and recognizes the file as the original one.  
If you don’t know how to buy NFT, you need to visit certain platforms, depending on your choice. Suppose you wish to purchase baseball cards; you would visit a site related to digital trading cards, while other sites trade more general pieces. You will then require a wallet that would work on that platform from where you are trading and fill that wallet with cryptocurrency.  
With the hefty demand of NFTs, they are launched as 'drops,' just like before an event, a bunch of tickets is released at specific intervals. This tells us that buyers would be eager when the drop begins, so you have to register, top up your wallet, and spend it wherever you wish. 


  1. Open Sea NFT 

  2. SuperRare 

  3. Nifty Gateway 

  4. Foundation 

  5. VIV3 

  6. BakerySwap 

  7. Axie NFT Marketplace 

  8. Rarible 

  9. NFT ShowRoom 

There is a massive wave seen in in-game NFT purchases. The player can easily acquire and sell these digital assets, including avatars, swords, or skins. 
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what is the present use of nfts?

Suppose you are an artist, then you will get a medium with NFT to sell your artwork. NFT investing have a trait that pays you each time it is sold further.  
If you purchase an NFT, you are too fond of artwork and want to support a particular artist by purchasing their creation. Purchasing an NFT would provide you the ownership right; in a way, you will use it as your profile picture or post it online. 
Moreover, if you want to collect art, you purchase it for a reason that its value would rise someday, and you can sell it with tremendous gains in the future. 

standard attributes of nfts 

  1. Unique - NFT has its unique property, which is stored in the metadata of tokens. No two NFTs can be the same. Conversely, an original image .jpg file is similar to its copy, a .jpg file. 
  2. Indivisible - You cannot split NFTs into smaller denominations and also cannot purchase or transfer a part of it.  
  3. Ownership - You get a guarantee of the ownership of the asset which is transferred with these tokens. 
  4. Digitally scarce resource - NFT gets stored in the blockchain network, and therefore, its certificate of ownership is there present on several networks, turning it possible to prove the ownership of the digital asset. 

to sum up 

If you have come this far, now you might be pondering: can I create an NFT? Technically, anybody can make a piece of art, then transform it into an NFT on the blockchain (called minting) and later place it up for sale on a specific platform. There's another option you get of attaching a commission to the file, which will mainly pay you each time an individual purchase that item via a resale.  
You need to set your wallet with cryptocurrency when purchasing NFTs. Sometimes sites charge you a 'gas' fee for every sale you make, besides another fee for buying and selling. There come conversion fees along with price fluctuations which depend on the timing of the transaction. Moreover, it describes that the fees can frequently add a lot to the price you receive while selling an NFT. 
So, NFTs are developing new possibilities for digital art. We would recommend choosing the NFT marketplace (such as Binance NFT, OpenSea NFT) you are going to use carefully. However, the benefit that these tokens give to artists and how it influences people's behavior globally is still yet to come.  

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