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Kentico 12 (codename Raptor) is set to release at the end of November 2018 with an agenda to provide a more desirable authoring experience to marketers. Historically, CMS has usually been known for providing a developer-friendly interface, which doesn't work out so well for marketers. With more marketers adopting the Kentico platform, CMS is expected to be more instinctive and ensure ease-of-use. Kentico realized that in order to really enable marketers to be successful and achieve their goals, CMS needs to present an authoring experience which augments marketers needs without any hiccups.  

Marketers require enough flexibility to modify and set content on the website without the need to interrupt developers every single time they want to make some changes before, during, or after a campaign has been launched. On the other hand, developers demand assurance that the marketer's activities, like adjusting the contents of a web page, won’t break their MVC project, so they can stay in their zone longer and develop quicker. Solution? Dynamic components that have enough versatility for marketers, and are reliable and secure enough for developers to execute them.  Kentico 12's target is to deliver an unrivaled experience, redefining the way marketers work with their content. Through an instinctive authoring workflow, Kentico - Raptor would allow quick actions to be completed, without going through too many steps prior to task execution. Kentico 12 will visibly result in an increased productivity and effectiveness within your business as a result of reduced training and on-boarding time. 

To keep up with the developments in technology, Companies must adapt to the advancements in programming skills and techniques. These days, the optimum solution for developing web applications are MVC and ASP.NET Core as it offers businesses an effective and expandable architecture for development. MVC facilitates a flexible development experience by letting you build dynamic websites with great content control while giving developers full control over the final markup. 

Kentico has always been for facilitating expandability and customization options. This has empowered developers to modify their applications as per the changing needs. Kentico 12 is set to have native support for both ASP.NET Core and MVC development presenting a lot of options for overriding the platform. The new ASP.NET MVC development model is bound to promote a new era of MVC project development. Let us look at the new components of Kentico 12 – Raptor.

Kentico 12 Roadmap | Kentico 12 Raptor

Kentico drives business results for companies of all sizes both on-premise or in the cloud by giving partners and customers extensive tools and customer-specific solutions to build remarkable websites, while being able to maintain customer experiences efficiently in a progressive business. The Kentico CMS menu of out-of-the-box web parts gets websites up-and-running in no time due to easy customizations and an open-API. When coupled with E-commerce, Intranet, Online Marketing, and Collaboration, Kentico thoroughly optimizes the end user's digital experience across various channels.  

Kentico Software helps clients create thriving websites, e-commerce stores, community sites and intranets using Kentico's integrated marketing solution, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic and more than 1,000 partners in 80 countries. Zenesys is a Kentico Silver Partner and will help you with any of your Web Development needs harnessing the power of Kentico.

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