why you should upgrade to umbraco 8

2 min Jun 09, 2020 Aman Balooni CMS Views : 1325
Umbraco has released its latest version Umbraco 8, this new upgrade comes with a lot of new updates and features.  This major Umbraco release concentrated on making things simpler. That's why the release came with three new features, a new appearance, cleaned up codebase and improved stability and performance. These features have been added to make CMS user friendly and easily customizable.

what is umbraco?

Umbraco CMS is a leading CMS that is based upon Microsoft's ASP. NET framework. Its great flexibility, integration capabilities, and functionalities are why experts choose it to create various business apps. It is an open source publishing platform that is incredibly powerful and one of the finest CMS platforms available for .NET. 

Umbraco is used by major brands all over the world and it offers great flexibility over other CMS systems. Umbraco is trusted by top companies in the world like Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, McDonald's and many more. 

In this article, we discuss about Umbraco 8 and why you should upgrade it. 

infinite editing

Infinite Editing is a brand-new editing feature for Umbraco 8. This feature that is built-in allows you to make workflows that support user friendly editing streams of clients, content editors and developers. 

 It follows that even when your articles and your record types are in various sections of their Umbraco backend, changes can be made by you in the content you are editing. 

Infinite Editing creates a smooth workflow experience that allows you to add, edit and manage pieces of content in one place, thus giving you a steady workflow. Using this feature, a user can start the content and save it then any other user with permission get back to where you left editing. So you get uniterupted flow of content. 

content apps

In Umbraco 8, you can easily add custom built widgets and tab to your content. You don’t need to depend on any external platforms to integrate tabs like live chat, site previews, search results, etc. 

It is possible to use Content Apps to provide editors access to this data in the backend such as: recognition of the previous blog article; quantity of content downloads; whether the appropriate key words were used from the backup; and if your content is user friendly. With Content Apps you can also get detailed insights about your content. 

multilingual functionality

Say goodbye to syncing, hacks and workarounds for sites that are multilingual! Now, managing multilingual content is significantly simpler since you are able to have multiple variations of the exact same content all gathered in one project. 

Speech Variants is a support for multilingual content from Umbraco and which makes it feasible for your articles to exist in variations at precisely the identical time. 

1. Using this new feature you can easily add new language as per your requirement 

2. Using Preview mode you can see how your website looks in the selcted language 

3. By the help of side by side editing mode, you can translate content from one language to another   

smooth workflow and cleanup of codebase

One of the greatest upgrades to Umbraco 8 might be the clean from the database. This produces the Umbraco codebase simpler and easier to extend, making it much easier for developers to follow best practices and to install and install packages. 

This simpler workflow removes the necessity to create workarounds and also reduces the quantity of time developers need to spend on creating a fully functioning alternative. 

1. It is much easier to add, edit, create and manage packages 

2. The latest technologies can be easily incorporated in the CMS  

3.  This robust version of Umbraco CMS is more stable and secure

how to upgrade your new website?

Now you want to know how to upgrade your website to this new version. The upgrade setup is almost similar to version 7. As there are major changes in Codebase of version, you need to rebuild the website structure using new code. But you can easily migrate your content from Umbraco 7 to 8.

is it worth to upgrade?

Umbraco 8 offers various advantages over previous versions like new editing features, multilingual functionality, content reusability etc. There are a lot of new tools in this version add to improve performance of your website. Also, the Umbraco 7 version will expire in 2023.