How Kentico is best CMS for e-commerce platforms

How Kentico is best CMS for e-commerce platforms

Nowadays anyone can anyone can build an online store and start selling products and services online. For the last 10 years there has been a massive spike in the number of online stores. With the ease of internet access, people are buying online products more than ever. 

But if you want a cool e-commerce website with a robust CMS then you must choose the right option. With so many content management systems in the market choosing the right one might be difficult. Kentico is one of the few CMS in the world with integrated e-commerce features. In this article, we will analyze what are the important e-commerce features of Kentico CMS.

How to Choose an E-Commerce Platform?

The e-commerce market is growing rapidly and by 2021 the e-commerce market will be worth more than $4.5 Trillion. Here are a few factors you should consider before choosing an e-commerce platform.

1. Responsiveness and Mobile Friendliness

According to a recent report in 2018 mobile traffic worldwide was 52.2 %, so your website should be able to optimize accordingly be it smartphone, tablet or laptop. The platform should provide mobile friendly website so customers can easily access your website and navigate easily.

2. Cost

For small to medium enterprises, the cost is one of the most important factors. The platform should able to provide basic e-commerce functionalities like order management, user login, cart management, checkout page, payment option, etc.

3. Security 

The data of the transactions, order and other content should be secure and make sure that the platform supports HTTPS/SSL and provides a secure checkout process.

4. Integrations and Plugins 

This is a vital part of any e-commerce website as the integrations and plugins will provide extra tools like email marketing, tax calculation, accounting, shipping management, etc.

5. SEO Friendly 

If you want to purchase shoes online then you will type on search engine ‘Casual Shoes online’ and you will be looking at the first 2-3 websites to make a purchase. So, if your website ranks very high then your customers will be able to find you easily.

6. Flexibility 

You should able to easily edit contents on the website and add new functionalities.

7. Analytics

The growth of your website and business can be easily analyzed if you can get complete data of inventory, revenue, website traffic, etc.

Why choose Kentico for e-Commerce website?


Salient Features of Kentico e-commerce platform

1. Product Bundling 

Product Bundling means selling multiple items as one package deal, it is one of the best ways to sell surplus items or stalled inventory. Kentico offers the functionality of product bundling so you can make new offers and combinations with your products.

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2. Product Categorization

By using Kentico you can easily categorize products according to your requirement. Products can be defined as different attributes like brand, color, manufacturer, etc. The customer can easily find the products they are looking for if categorization is perfect.

3. Discounts and Promotions

Your customers will be tempted to buy products form your website if you have applied discounts and promotions in the right way. In Kentico, you can customize your discounts and manage them easily.

Following are the type of discounts you can apply :

a) Custom Discounts

You can configure and manage discounts by using predefined options or you can create custom rules.

b) Gift Cards

Through Gift Card App you create new gift cards and accept as a form of payment.

c) Coupon Codes

The customer can use coupon codes at the checkout process and the discount will be applied accordingly. The coupon codes can be created and managed easily in Kentico CMS.

4.Digital Products (Downloadable)

E-book, music, videos, photos, software product or update is defined as downloadable products, with Kentico Content Management System you can create and manage digital products and sell them on your online store. The products can be uploaded on the server and will be sent to the customer via mail, external link or any other means.

5. E-Commerce API

API (Application Programming Interface) is widely used in software development and it is used to set protocols and rules for building software. The API helps different components of software to interact with each other. The Kentico has simplified the API calls thus developers can easily customize the API calls.

6. Faceted Search

When the customers arrive to your website with an intent to buy something, then they want locate item with minimum number of clicks. Using faceted search customers can easily navigate through the website and locate products.

Categorize your products according to different criteria depending on the brand, size, shape, price, availability, etc. The users can add multiple filters and narrow down their search.

7. Smart Online Payment system

Kentico offers customizable payment options so your customers can have a variety of payment options. Third-party payment options can also be integrated to the website. Kentico also offers one unique payment option – Delayed Capture, where the payment is received at the time of shipping.

8. Product variants

For a single product, you can define different variants like size, color, material, etc. The best thing is you can create custom variants and so your customers can have a variety of options to choose from.

9. Shopping Cart

It is a software that is used to arrange all the items customers selected on a single page and calculate the sum and taxes. Following are the three common features of a shopping cart. 

a. Product Information

b. Payment Gateway and Catalog

c. Total Cost, Taxes, etc.

d. Coupons and Vouchers 

10. Checkout Process

This process should be seamless and fast so customers can easily make the final payment. Following are the features offered by Kentico 

1. You can a create custom checkout process in Kentico.

2. Single Page checkout process is provided by Kentico and payments can be easily done through mobile devices.

3. Kentico provides e-commerce API calls which is easy to understand and can be incorporated by developers.

4. According to a survey more than 2/3rd customers abandon cart, Kentico allows several ways to make customers come again like the option of sending personalized mails, A/B testing and tailoring shopping experience according to the customer needs.

11. Shipping Calculations

Customize the shipping module according to your requirements. Kentico also allows you to create a module to get up to date shipping chargers form the courier companies.

12. Google Analytics Tracking 

Using the Google Analytics tool, you can gain complete insight into user behavior and performance of your e-commerce website.

e-Commerce Website Development Process


Summing it up 

Kentico is one of the few e-commerce platforms which comes with all the features needed to start an online store. Kentico CMS is quite flexible and custom modules can be designed according to your business. So, the bottom line is, Kentico is a great e-commerce platform for small businesses to fortune 500 companies. With the scalability, flexibility, robustness and support, Kentico allows business to run online stores efficiently.

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