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We all know that customer engagement is the key to the success of any business. Every company, big or small, is building strategies to garner as much engagement as possible. Now, imagine, what if you can get personalized content recommendations that are bound to generate conversions. Seems next level, right? 

Kentico Xperience has recently partnered with Recombee to provide AI-driven content recommendations for businesses and companies. The companies, availing of Kentico Xperience's services, can bank on personalized content and recommendations to increase customer engagement. 

How Kentico Xperience And AI Will Empower Your CMS Solution?

Basically, a CMS platform helps you to organize and maintain content. You have to come up with content ideas and strategies to maximize user engagement.  

With the inclusion of the different components of AI, like machine learning, natural language processing, data mining, etc., the platform becomes much smarter and offers enhanced capabilities for the users.  

However, that's not all when we are discussing how AI, coupled with Kentico Xperience, would empower your CMS. Read on to find what else is there. 


With the power of Kentico Xperience and AI, you can now generate relevant content with minimum effort. The AI analyzes the current trends, behavioral patterns of the users, existing content, and a lot of other data to develop content suggestions aimed at maximizing engagement.  


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A CMS empowered with content suggestions means that you can save a lot of time and effort to frame content strategies. Furthermore, you can cut down on expenses incurred to generate quality content.  


Recombee is an AI-powered Recommender offered as a Service. It offers marketers an AI-driven product recommendation widget that they can incorporate throughout their website and apps. Whereas, Kentico Xperience facilitates the data and publishes the recommended data accordingly. 


In simple words, Recombee's AI offers product recommendations based on user interaction with your website and Kentico Xperience publishes the data effortlessly.  

CMS Solution with quality recommendations enables you to generate an improved customer experience, more conversions, and increased cart values.  


Recommendations work only if they pop up at the right time. For example, once a user has made the purchase, there are negligible chances of going back to order the recommended product. However, if it had shown up just after adding the product to the cart, the chances of purchase would have been higher. 


This is where Recombee comes in. It works as a real-time recommendation service and as soon as your user takes a certain action on your app or website, it instantly returns a recommendation based on behavioral patterns of customers and attributes of products.  

A CMS could only offer generic recommendations depending on the capabilities of your developer. However, an AI-powered CMS offers in-the-moment recommendations based on the behavioral pattern and other data of the user.  


AI needs data to be able to make recommendations and feeding proper data could be a bit of a hassle if you don't have Kentico Xperience's Recombee integration module. Kentico Xperience stores all the data related to users and their activities on your website or app. It transfers the selected data to Recombee and you can increase or decrease the flow of information as per your requirement.  


You can feed user's data including system log activities and subscriptions to generate recommendations that have the highest chance of conversation. Furthermore, you can feed product-related information to get dynamic content-based recommendations. 


Most of the time, managing a recommendation widget is quite difficult, and only trained technical staff is required for the task. However, this is not the case when Kentico Xperience and AI come together.  

Kentico Xperience's integration module comes with an extensive product recommendation widget that is so easy to edit and manipulate that even non - technical users like content editors can also make changes.  


These widgets can strategically be placed throughout the site or app, targeting a higher conversion rate. Additionally, the best part is that these widgets can be customized to suit the intended purpose or need and you can also create new ones depending on your requirements.  

Imagine the level of convenience for a team that can add, redesign, restructure, and edit a widget whenever needed! 


To sum it up, Kentico Xperience has incorporated AI to fully empower your CMS solution to offer a better user experience through content and recommendations for your users and more conversions for your business, and that too, without much effort. The CMS empowerment will include the following: 

1. Content suggestions to help increase user engagement. 

2. AI-driven product recommendation to improve user experience, increase conversions and carry value. 

3. Your website or app can generate faster recommendations with real-time data analysis based on user interaction. 

4. It generates recommendations for your users based on the data you feed the Recombee platform. 

5. The Recommendation Widget is quite easy to manage and manipulate even for the users who do not have much technical experience.

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