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A/B Testing is one the most important online marketing tools to optimize your digital marketing strategies. A/B testing helps you determine the best marketing option for marketing campaigns, pages, buttons, etc.  

Kentico Xperience is a rebranded version of Kentico CMS, an online digital experience platform. Kentico Xperience comes with various unique features like content management, online marketing tools, e-commerce platform, Automation, etc.  

Kentico Xperience has an effective A/B testing tool to increase your conversion rates. With Kentico 13, it is quite easy to optimize your website content, email marketing campaigns and landing pages. 

What Is A/B Testing?

In simple terms A/B Testing means comparison of two version of the same content/web page/campaign to determine which one is better.  

For example, you want to test a landing page for your website, and you have designed two different templates for the same. Let’s call the first version A and second version B. Then you will show the 50% visitors version A and 50% of visitors' version B. Now just wait and see which version has a higher conversion rate and you would declare it winner. 

Kentico A/B Testing 

Kentico Xperience comes with one the best marketing tools called A/B Testing. Kentico A/B testing tool is easy to use and helps in increasing conversion rates.  


Here is the simplified process of A/B Testing in Kentico:

  1. Analyzing the page or campaign and try to list down changes that might improve the conversion rate 

  1. Create multiple variations of the same and with one change per variation 

  1. Now users/visitors should be equally divided between each variation 

  1. Then set a time and wait for the results to come in 

  1. Analyze the results and see which version got the most conversion rates. Change the original page/campaign with the version which got higher conversion rate.  

  1. Keep repeating the process unless you get desired results. 

    Kentico CMS supports mainly two forms of testing: 


    This tool helps you to test various version of website pages and it’s  contents.  


    This tool helps to test various versions of email marketing campaigns. 

Kentico Email A/B Testing 

Kentico Xperience has all in one digital marketing tools like campaign management, SEO, lead scoring and A/B testing tools. Let’s see how we can test email marketing campaigns in Kentico. 

An email marketing campaign consist of following pieces:

1. Template of the campaign 

2. Content of the Email 

3. Senders’s Data (Name, Address, Job Title, Company, etc.) 

4. Subject line of the email 

Now there are two ways to test these parameters, by testing all of four parameters at the same time or testing one parameter at a time, we recommend you go by the latter one. Users first scan your subject line then read the contents of the email.  

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When you run email marketing campaigns in Kentico, you will visualize there is button at the top called A/B Testing. Click this option to create a new variant. 


Create two version and name it A version and B version.

Just click on the create another variant option to create various versions of the email marketing campaign. 

Version A 


Version B 


Now you can see there are three version of the same campaign first the original and then two versions A and B. From here you can easily see any version and edit it. 


Send The Email Marketing Campaign 

After editing and finishing all the new variants for the campaign then, click on the send option to finalize the A/B testing.   

First select the number of users you want to test, for example if you select 50% of the total subscribers then 25% will receive version A and 25% will receive version B. You can also send campaigns at different time or same time. 


Now you need to select a criteria to determine the winner of the campaign.  

1. You can manually select the winner based on the data and analytics.  

2. Winner can be automatically selected based on the number of unique opens. 

3. Winner can be automatically selected based on the number of unique clicks. 

After you have selected the desired option and time, just sit back relax and wait for the results. 


Wrapping Up

As you can see there are various benefits of A/B testing tool like improved conversion, reduce bounce rates, ease of analysis, reduced risks and thus increase in sales. So, if you are looking the best version for your website or email marketing campaigns then A/B testing is your best tool. Using A/B testing tool you can provide the best version of your business.

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