Kentico Xperience Integration with Salesforce CRM

Kentico Xperience Integration with Salesforce CRM

Kentico Xperience provides seamless integration with Salesforce, you will often hear developers saying, it’s a breeze. This integration has been there since Kentico 10 and allows to import Kentico contacts as leads in the Salesforce. As a side note, Kentico uses rest service and integration bus as the integration tools for third-party integrations. 

How to Integrate Salesforce with Kentico? 

Integration of Kentico with Salesforce allows organizations to streamline all the marketing activities and help them manage leads.  

Kentico integration with Salesforce CRM Platform allows synchronizing your Kentico contacts with Salesforce leads. The leads can be customized and adjusted according to your requirements or criteria.  

Here is the list of steps to integrate salesforce with Kentico -

1. Authorization 

As first you need to grant access to Kentico CMS, to create consumer keys and consumer secrets in salesforce. But before authorization, you need to have HTTPS set up for your website and the server supports the TLS 1.1 protocol.  

To complete configuration, login into your Salesforce Platform then enter basic Information and API (Enable OAuth Settings) for remote access application. After saving you will get the consumer key and consumer secret. Use this consumer key and consumer secret in the Kentico Authorization dialog and choose to allow to grant permission. Finally, save all the settings to complete the authorization. 

2. Configuration 

After the authorization process is completed, you need to replicate the contacts into salesforce. There are several options to customize your leads like batch size, score, lead description, etc. Choose the ones as per your requirements.

How to integrate salesforce with Kentico

3. Mapping 

After completing data replication, you can map all the data between salesforce leads and Kentico. To map all the data, you need to create multiple fields to match the data. This mapping requires performing steps on both Salesforce and Kentico sides. 

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Login into salesforce then navigate to fields and enter all the details – Field Label, Length, Field Name, Unique, and External ID. Then login into Kentico and go to settings-integration-salesforce and select Mapping of contacts to salesforce leads. Select the new salesforce field as the external identifier filed and finally save all your settings to map Kentico contacts and Salesforce fields. and finally, save all your settings.

You can also manage the mapping by going to settings-integration-salesforce and clicking on the edit option below the mapping contacts to the salesforce section.  

4. Optimization 

If salesforce integration is disabled all the Kentico online marketing features are already optimized by default. You can also optimize leads with salesforce integration by manually creating a database index on Kentico. 

Kentico CRM Connect 

Kentico CRM Connect is a platform developed by EMAKINA CEE to integrate third-party CRMs with Kentico Xperience. It is fully compatible with Kentico 10 and 11. Kentico CRM Connect is a user-friendly application to integrate salesforce with Kentico.  

It helps in mapping and optimizing leads from Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the integrating with Kentico Platform. Integration allows you to have a single view of all your data and it also helps in streamlining digital marketing activities. It provides full integration with the salesforce platform; you can transfer data from Kentico to Salesforce and vice-versa. 

Why Kentico- Salesforce Integration is important? 

Many organizations are victimd of miscommunication between their sales and marketing teams. As a consequence, their customer retention and satisfaction go down. This is exactly where the Kentico- Salesforce Integration will help you and your business and you will be on your way to excelling in no time. 

The integration between Kentico and Salesforce will automate the process of transferring the leads from the marketing team to the sales team. Hence, a lot of time would be saved, along with eliminating the chances of errors that might happen due to manual processes.  

But what we absolutely love about this integration between Kentico and Salesforce? Here are the 3 reasons why you should switch to the Kentico- Salesforce Integration! 

1. Better Lead Visibility 

The integration between Kentico and Salesforce can be easily termed to be virtually continuous or seamless. With this integration into your working, your sales team will have an added benefit of having better insights into lead processing. Also, sales teams can then manage these leads directly into the CRM interface.  

Quality leads is equal to increased productivity and that is exactly what the sales team will achieve when they switch to the Kentico- Salesforce integration. 

2. Transparent Contact Management 

The collaboration between the sales team and the marketing team can really add up to bring in positive results for the organization with the inclusion of the Kentico- Salesforce Integration. Your potential prospects will turn into real time customers in no time with this amazing combination. 

The scoring capability and the lead management capacity are both available through Kentico Xperience and can be replicated in Salesforce by the organization. The leads are filtered by score and hence, only the best leads with the highest possibility of conversion are sieved through. This gives the team the chance to give their undivided attention to the best leads and get in better percentage of conversions for the organization.

Why Salesforce Integration in CRM is Important

3. Better Team Alignment  

Your website contact can be automatically imported into the Salesforce with the aid of the integration between Kentico and Salesforce. As a positive consequence, your sales team and the marketing team gets the prospect for better team alignment. As an extended point, they evolve deeper and better understanding of processing and acquiring valuable leads. 

When both these powerful platforms are accessed with sales and marketing data, you will be able to form a stronger bond with the website audience, which will hopefully lead to increased productivity and ROI (Return on Investment).  

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Wrapping Up

While both Kentico and Salesforce are both powerful when used individually, their integration can be a blessing for your business and help you seal some deals with your potential clients. 

Give your sales and marketing teams the added advantage of a pro to help them out getting the right leads in and increasing the rate of customer retention and conversion. 


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