What is Umbraco? What is it used for?

What is Umbraco? What is it used for?

What is Umbraco?    

Based on ASP.NET Framework, Umbraco is a popular and leading CMS in the world. It is used by the various large and small business enterprises, as its flexibility, integration capabilities and functionalities are excellent. But most importantly umbraco is an open source publishing platform that is incredibly powerful and one of the finest CMS platforms available for .NET. 

In this article, let's take a look at why you should choose Umbraco for your next project.  

Why choose Umbraco over other CMS?  

A good CMS or a blogging platform often makes the publishing of web content easier and cost-effective for managers. And today, publishing content on a regular basis makes a great part of marketing your business online.   

Umbraco CMS is a leading CMS that is based upon Microsoft's ASP. NET framework. Its great flexibility, integration capabilities, and functionalities are why experts choose it to create various business apps and websites. It is an open source publishing platform that is incredibly powerful and one of the finest CMS platforms available for .NET.  

Unique Features of Umbraco   

The excellent features that Umbraco has to offer make it stand out from the rest of the others:

1. Member Management

Managing the users of your site is very easy as with this tool the users can get either restricted or exclusive access to the site. This is the much-needed feature for the stores, portals, organizations that need to give different types of access to its users or members.  

2. HTML/ CSS Templates

Your Umbraco CMS development company can help you to create a site by using your favorite HTML/ CSS templates and have the website of your dreams. The framework also offers various tools that can transform your online site into a fully functional and robust online podium that facilitates you to easily sync up with other environments.

Concierge is another great tool that helps to boost Umbraco customization. It allows the programmers to keep a track of all that is installed and the things that are in use currently. It also helps to monitor action handlers together with any third party tools and helps to know what is working on the site.  

3. Umbraco Customization

Umbraco developers can easily design and offer customized solutions by using various tools. In contrast to other ASP.NET CMS's like WordPress, Kentico and Joomla, developers can easily provide dynamic solutions that are perfect solutions for business owners. It is because of its endless possibilities that a business can drive to great lengths by using this platform.  

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Some Other Important Features of Umbraco

1. Even if your original business site is written in English, Umbraco offers multilingual support to add many other languages to target a wider market.   

2. It is by using Umbraco that you can easily schedule the content to appear at specific times with ease and automatically get it published at the time you set.   

3. The framework also has a version control system that helps users to easily roll back to any previous version or a page with great ease.   

4. The Umbraco editor is designed to be as simple as possible and offers a familiar look and feel with the toolbars and buttons.  

5. It offers an ultimate web experience for users and is a good option because it is highly reliable and secured and also offers better performance.  

6. It is SEO friendly CMS web developement so that you make most of your website and Umbraco websites have different tools that can significantly improve website visibility on the internet.  

7. Umbraco Websites are mobile friendly, so your website can run seamlessly on any device. So, it doesn’t matter which type of device you are using the website will be responsive to the device.   

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Umbraco 8  

After a long time, the wait for the newer version of Umbraco is over. Umbraco has released the new version in February 2019 after 6 years. The Umbraco CMS main core features remain the same stability, user-friendliness and to be fully responsive.  

In Umbraco 8 you will find significant improvements and making it simpler for anyone to use. The main changes are the addition of content apps which will give details insights about your content, enabling multilingual functionality so you can add new languages to your CMS and unique infinite editing tool by creating smoother workflows for editors, customers, and developers. Let's look at the new features in detail.  

Infinite Editing  

Infinite Editing will create a seamless workflow experience that allows you to edit pieces of content in one place, thus saving your time and giving you a steady workflow. You can easily edit a page on your website by making specific changes right there in your window by simply clicking a piece of media or content on that page and get back editing/creating your page.  

The Umbraco’s Infinite Editing feature also provides an API that allows developers or editors to employ this feature and customize the CMS according to their requirements.  

Multilingual Functionality  

As your business keeps expanding and you want to reach customers worldwide thus content must change according to the language of a specific region. With the language variant feature in Umbraco, you can easily manage, create and edit multilingual content.  

1. A new language can be added in minutes.

2. You can customize by selecting a default mother language and set up other mandatory languages.

3. By the help of side by side editing mode, you can translate content from one language to another.  

Content Apps  

In this latest version of Umbraco, you can add different widgets and tab to your content by just one click. You don’t need to depend on any external platforms to integrate tabs like live chat, site previews, search results, etc. With Content Apps you can get detailed insights about your content.  


Umbraco is one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems in the world. It is used by major brands all over the world and it offers great flexibility over other CMS systems. Umbraco is trusted by top companies in the world like Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, McDonald foods and many more. 


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