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Almost 300 billion! Emails are sent every day and almost every business in the world uses email marketing to reach its customers. So, do have an email marketing strategy? Are you using the right tools to run your campaigns? In this blog we will answer all your questions. 

Kentico is one of the few Content Management Systems which comes with an al-in-one tool like E-commerce, Email Marketing, SEO tools etc. Kentico gives a robust and easy to use Email Marketing Platform. Through this article, we will give you step by step procedure to run Email Marketing on Kentico. 

We have made a video so you can easily understand the procedure to run a successful email marketing campaign on Kentico. Let's see....



1. Targeted List of Customers  

The first part of email marketing is to build a list of prospective clients to whom you are going to target through your marketing mails. The open rates and click-through rates will depend on the quality of data, so all your data should be verified before sending the mails. In Kentico CMS, you need to attach a CSV file to upload the data. Once data is uploaded you match the fields and save it for future purposes.

2. Categorize Your Target Audience 

The data first should be categorized on the basis of demographics, location, interests, etc. When the target audience for your marketing mails is defined properly then your campaigns will be successful.

3. Creative Subject Lines for Emails 

According to research, 35% of people open mails based on subject lines, so subject lines are very important. Subject lines should be short, catchy, and unique. Weak and vague subject lines could be filtered as spam.  

4. Email Template Design 

Now, this is the most important part of email marketing. To grab the attention of the user you need to select a perfect combination of colors, images, design elements, widgets and layout. The content in the mail should be short and sweet, reflecting the message you want to send to users. Kentico CMS has many tools in email marketing to give your email a brand new and fresh look. Use Kentico widgets and email template tools to design emails.

5. Personalized Content 

If you want to increase the open rate and click through rates of your mail, then you should send personalized mails to users. Sending mails to random users will only be a waste of time and money. The more user relates to the product the more they will engage.  

6. Design Landing Pages for Your Campaign 

The landing pages are where your users will go after clicking the links mentioned in the marketing mail. You need to combine both mails and landing pages together to make your campaign successful. 

Kentico helps you build customized and beautifully built landing pages that will always help you make your campaigns more effective and efficient. 

7. Test Your Emails  

Rigorous testing of emails needs to be done before sending the mails to customers. The basic elements of mails need to be reviewed like subject lines, grammatical mistakes, font size, colors and formatting. In Kentico you can see the preview of mail before sending it. The mobile and desktop version of mail is also shown, so you can optimize your content. So before sending a mail, check the preview of it.

8. Manual Vs Automated Email Marketing Campaigns 

Depending on your requirements you can run campaigns manually or automate them. If your customer base is small, then you can use manual campaigns but if you are dealing with a hundred thousand of customers then choose automated email marketing tools. 

Kentico offers Marketing Automation tools. You just need to drag and drop to build an algorithm for your campaign. So though Kentico you can either run automated or manual marketing campaigns.

9. Follow Privacy & GDPR Rules 

You must follow the GDPR – General Data Protection Act and other stringent privacy regulations while sending marketing mails. Attach the Unsubscribe button on all your emails, so users can opt-out of all the unnecessary mails. Failing to follow these rules might lead to heavy fines. 

Kentico Data Protection app helps you to comply with most of the data protection acts. Kentico data app has many features like Data Flow, Consents, Right to Access, Right to be a Forgotten and Data Portability. 

10. Track Your Email Performance and Analytics 

To track and evaluate the performance of the email campaigns you need to check email bounce rate, open rate, click through rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate etc. To improve the efficiency of campaigns you need to analyze all the performance statistics and make necessary changes in your campaigns. 

Kentico provides complete analytics of your email marketing campaigns like unique opens, unique clicks, bounce rate, contact loss etc. You can also use A/B testing tool of Kentico to compare the performance of email campaigns. 

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Bottom Line 

So, these are the top 10 steps you must follow to run successful & productive email marketing campaign. Kentico provides all the features you need to run your email marketing campaigns.