.net core mvc vs .net core razor: which one to choose for your next project?

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.NET Core MVC vs .Net Core Razor
If you are wondering whether .NET Core MVC or .Net Core Razor will be better for you, it definitely means you have a fair idea about web application development. And though you know about these frameworks, you need better insight. Yet, let us just formally start by having a short introduction to these frameworks for those who don’t know about them.

The ASP.NET Core MVC framework is not only open source and lightweight, but it was also developed with ASP.NET Core in mind. The patterns-based approach provided by ASP.NET Core MVC to creating dynamic websites allows for a clean delineation of roles and responsibilities.

A new component of ASP.NET Core MVC known as Razor Pages were released in tandem with the framework's development. It supports both conventional MVC and Web API controllers, allowing for the creation of server-side rendered applications in ASP.NET Core.

.net core mvc vs .net core razor: an overview

With ASP.NET Core, Razor Pages is the method of choice for developing page or form-based applications. Consider switching from actions and views to Razor Pages if your ASP.NET MVC application heavily utilizes views.

In MVC web application development that heavily relies on strongly typed views, a controller is typically used to hold one or more actions. Following its engagement with the domain or data model, the controller will instantiate a ViewModel class instance. Then, this view model class is applied to the view associated with that operation. To implement a new page in an application using this technique and the typical folder structure for MVC projects, one must modify a controller in one folder, a view in a subdirectory of another folder, and a view model in yet another folder.

As part of migrating from ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET Core, teams should choose whether they would like to switch controllers and views to ASP.NET Core controllers and views or to Razor Pages. The latter may require somewhat less effort, but the team will miss out on the benefits of Razor Pages over the more traditional view-based file structure.

.net core mvc vs .net core razor: a detailed discussion

Undertaking web application development with.NET Core MVC or.NET Core Razor without understanding which is superior, is not something that you probably want to do. No, it just won't do. If you want to make a fair comparison, you must first understand the benefits and drawbacks.

Here, then, is a contrast between the two:


.NET Core MVC 

.Net Core Razor 

It may be hosted on Linux, Amazon, or Google Cloud, as a choice.  Every MVC-based application includes Razor Pages by default. 
Microsoft offers support for .NET Core.  Simple structural context with no controllers 
Creating APIs to link front-end and external systems and updating your API documentation are both pretty simple tasks. The capacity to adapt to whatever application you want to create 
You no longer need to understand IIS web server and Windows Server if you host your website on Linux and prefer Nginx or Apache.  It is better ordered and has certain codes hidden beneath certain pages. 
Platform.NET Core is open-sourced. Every developer may add to a framework, speeding up framework development and raising overall quality.  Make web development more quickly, much like you did with ASP.NET Webforms. 
Scaling, infrastructure development, and containerization are made simpler for microservice architecture.  It provides control over HTML and URLs.
  Fewer difficulties and greater control result from using a single controller. 
  The IDE's built-in test facilities can be used for testing.


.NET Core MVC 

.Net Core Razor 

Cannot view a preview of a design page like an ASPX page. Whenever you want to run, just look at the design. Despite being straightforward, managing several standalone pages may be difficult.
It might be challenging to comprehend an application's flow. It is not appropriate for low-level applications and is somewhat difficult to develop. Few people are worried about using a new strategy to construct classic web apps.
Its deployment is a little challenging. Use a handler to carry out several activities from a single page.

when should you use asp.net mvc?

Because Core MVC outperforms ASP.NET MVC and offers the same set of functionality, there is no motivation to switch to this .NET Framework development framework. But, ASP.NET MVC is the only viable alternative to Core MVC if you currently have an application that uses it and doesn’t want to rewrite it. There are no other significant benefits of ASP.NET MVC over Core MVC.

when should you use asp.net core?

This new .NET Framework development is slim and flexible. If you need to start something new, ASP.NET Core is the way to go. It provides the same features as ASP.NET MVC, but with the added benefits of being faster and smaller. As a result, choosing ASP.NET MVC instead of ASP.NET Core MVC is illogical.

You have the option of updating your current ASP.NET MVC project to ASP.NET Core MVC or keeping it as it is. Unless you want to take advantage of ASP.NET Core MVC's speed improvements, there is no good reason to rewrite an existing ASP.NET MVC project.

It may also be used for the creation of e-commerce applications. As such, it is a popular choice among e-commerce developers.

what should you do then?

Conceptually, choosing between Razor Pages and MVC is difficult. Razor Pages function effectively when your material is organized, and because of their simplicity, they are perfect for the login page or contact us page. MVC is used for large user databases or detailed product catalogs. Too many programmers managing the code might clog up complex MVC-built programs since some may neglect best practices.

Razor Pages demands that you insert code unique to the page. It saves you from handling extensive coding in the controller and allows for better control of split codes. To keep the controllers tidy, you may build external classes for the logic. MVC works well for web application development that uses a lot of REST APIs, AJAX requests, and dynamic server views. You may connect many view models in Razor Pages to create complicated views.

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You can just mix the two and utilize MVC for REST API requests and Razor Pages for HTML views instead of having to choose between the two. Use Razor Pages over MVC, which is versatile but complicated, if you value simplicity.

the bottom line

CMS Last but not least, you might enjoy seeing how Razor pages are used in ASP.NET Core development projects. The good news is that MVC is incredibly adaptable, but that flexibility also increases its complexity. Razor Pages' simplicity is what gives them their inherent beauty.So why not combine them?

However, being sad that, indeed, many people would not like using them together. No worries, you can choose the most significant for yourself as well and start working on that. Zenesys provides a magnitude of services from Kentico CMS to Umbraco to Blazor development to more. Are you planning to develop a scalable business application? Contact us now!;